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When we first moved to the country and had to rehome 3 dogs in a row I used to joke that I needed a carrot spaniel.  A dog that would not chase, catch,lick,or otherwise maim my livestock.  Hilariously Sterling turned out to be very like the joke! The exception being his love of corn, not carrots.  All this to inanely find an excuse to post pictures of my little Corn Spaniel babysitting baby ducks. For cuteness sake of course.  Some days it’s all about the cute. 😉



Alternate title: always title a picture when posting only a picture without text!!


Kinda sharp though huh?  The pups are $150 to great homes…tails and dews are done and they are super-socialized–we have 6.  Aussies are ideal farm and family and livestock and agility dogs.  Lucy the mama dog was top of her class obedience-wise.  The father, Dingo is a dork but completely loveable. 😛





Stay tuned for baby Aussie pics!  Six perfect pups for sale by my boys…if only their mama could figure out where the new camera is putting the pictures!


My super-fun visit may be over but it keeps on giving.  I really like all the great pictures she left on my computer-the new header is from under the dam near the old power plant.  These are the huge white Pelicans all in a row taking a break.  I love that we land-locked upper mid-westerners possess these majestic birds for the entire summer.

You know…cause they are waaay good.

Howdy Ma’am.

Grab some straw bales and make a couch!

The armies are marshaling…

Strategies are coalescing…

And unbeknownst to all…

DANGER lurks, waiting in the shadows.

Kittty in the Kleenex

Feline Funnies

Boxed baby

darling distraction

purring procrastination

finish school already and stop stuffing the cat in things

They were sort of purply aand greyish and shiny and suctioncuptioney and in a big pan on the salad bar at the chinese buffet.  They were smallish and roundish and very curlyish.  They were marinating in Italian dressing and bits of red onion and green pepper.  I took one.  I put TWO on Scott’s plate. (I am really generous like that.)  I wanted to name mine but I figured that would wreck the whole cosmopolitan I-am-the-type-to-eat-and-love-octopus-and-not-bat-an-eye-I-actually-do-this-all-the-time vibe I was going for.

We sat down with our food and thanked the Lord for giving us sustenance.  We did not specifically mention the octopedal salad.  I started with my crab rangoon hoping Scott would go first.  He innocently picked up an eggroll.  Resigned to my roll as leader I placed my fork over my wee widdle octopi and pressed down.  I pressed harder. I pressed and wiggled the fork side to side.  The little guy was, shall we say, ah, resilient?  I needed to use the knife.  I cut off 1/2 of the legs and (do you call it the neck?)  It was a largish bite-I believe to really taste a new food you need to take a real bite.  Plus one definitely canNOT pull off cosmopolitan sofistication when sniffing and nibbling like a 7 year old who thinks there may be an onion nearby.  UH I’d have rather had the onion.

The flavor was someplace between calamari and scallops and rather nice with the marinade.  The texture was to die for..literally GAG until death comes blissfully taking the feeling of suction cups off your tongue.  It fought back.  Like a super-bouncy ball. With tentacles.  I did chew.  I did swallow.  I did not make faces.  It took much self-control. And long minutes of my time to get it into small enough bits so I could be sure to avoid a flying octopus Heimlich scene.

But I did it. I don’t feel any more sofisticated neither.

O dearest Jesus, what law hast thou broken

That such sharp sentance should on Thee be spoken?

Of what great crime hast Thou to make confession-

What dark transgression?

They crown Thy head with thorns, they smite, they scourge Thee;

With cruel mockings to the cross they urge thee;

They give Thee gall to drink, they still decry thee;

They crucify Thee.

Whence come these sorrows, whence this mortal anguish?

It is my sins for which thou, Lord, must languish;

Yea, all the wrath, the woe, Thou dost inherit,

This I do merit.

The sinless Son of God must die in sadness;

The sinful child of manmay live in gladness;

Man forfeited his life and it acquitted-

God is committed.

O wondrous love, whose depth no heart hath sounded,

That brought Thee here, by foes and theives surrounded!

All worldly pleasures, heedless, I was trying

While Thou wert dying.

~Johann Heermann


Over the climbing meadows, Where swallow-shadows float, These are the small gold buttons On earth’s green, windy coat. ~ Frances M. Frost

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