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I wish I had thought of sunglasses-he could have TOTALLY pulled this off if it wasn’t soooo bright!

(this photo staged just for Mary at Hope Echoes) link deally is fussing with me so google her if you need to.


I started another batch of homemade vanilla extract…I think it looks purty.  In six weeks I will think it looks dark but smells wonderful!. And from the who-needs throw-pillows-when-you-have-me department…

Gratuitous Lizard…

The hazards of keeping a big melodious windchime in the tree outside your bedroom window year-round because you like the sound…

And because I feel like I should since I spent so long on it–the completed Quilting With Laura quilt–all pieced and quilted by hand from designs taken from and inspired by the Laura Ingalls Wilder Books. (FYI –the more “problems” I have with a quilt the more I embellish to try to “fix” or camouflage.  You can readily tell how my first try at hand-piecing miniatures went! 😆 )

Uh–boys? When most kids build a fort they play inside it. And what’s the deal with the cat? Nevermind-don’t think I want to know…


Yes, if you count highschool! I was pretty good background filler in The Music Man (if I do say so myself)…I had a LOT more fun in my early twenties helping with costume creation and changes for a community playhouse though. Why do you want to know?

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Over the climbing meadows, Where swallow-shadows float, These are the small gold buttons On earth’s green, windy coat. ~ Frances M. Frost

what’s it like outside?

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