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In celebration of the fact that our camera started working again (with the old batteries that were in it) after months on the shelf in lonely exile for poor performance–I give you my new bedroom paint!

I wanted a sweet, innocent, barely there pink.  Not Barbie or Pepto or baby girl pink; but antique rose throats and old-fashioned cameos-that color that is in the little crease on the underside of new baby toes.  You know?  Menard’s did not have a baby-toe pink so I went with Tuscan pink…after (I kid you not) hanging 7 choices on my wall for a month to see them in differing lights and ask everyone except the UPS man their opinion (he looked busy-plus he was wearing all that brown-what kind of color sense would he have anyway) anywhooooo…I give you PINK.

Turns out I am not a pink person.  I knew that but a sweet old-fashioned pink should be an exception-I do like baby toes after all.  Do I give up and paint over it? Are you NUTS?!?  That was a lot of picky work–I will make this work somehow, someway,some…what?

I used Laurel as a sounding board while we finished the trim work in there.  sponging? nah-everybody does that.  ragging-we like that but have done it so much. Wouldn’t it be cool to do an all-over stencil?  ooo yeah-one that overlaps and is at different intensities! Yeah! SATURATION level!  spray would work best for that-really light–ooooo through LACE! YEAH! Let’s try that!  She brought some spray paint home from work-we tried a cre

am and a brushed nickle on a test board and went with the nickle.  Here is a process shot:

You know you are homeschooled when you tell your daughter holding spray paint to flash a gang sign and she gives you “Live long and prosper.”  😆  We just taped an old curtain to the wall and sprayed through it trying to be random.  Later we started trying to hit nearly every area-apparently “random” to our hands means “always miss the middle”.

This effect is soooo cool!  Kind of a grunge meets victorian meats metallic shabby chic? (then they all beat each other up and my wall is the survivor of the decorating elements grudge match) The spray paint is a brushed metallic so just barely shiny-when the light hits it just right it looks white or pewter and straight on it is a silvery color so lots of variation from the light plus lots of variation from our painting technique (which was differing distances and speeds and spray-over amounts…AKA random with extra variables) It is really very striking and I love the pink now that it is not the forefront.  It is NOT easy to photograph though so here are my few tries.  The lace patterning shows up really nicely on the walls but it blends away when the flash goes off–so add more patterns in your imagination K?

Now lets add antique prints and kid pictures:

I really like how warm and romantic the room is now!

PLUS: bonus 2 YO cute from inside the camera–him was sooo widdle and waiting for supper took soooo wong!

I am pre-shopping for a camera and would like any recomendations…my requirements:

  • point and shoot option so anyone in the house can use it
  • common battery size/ long life
  • I like a lot of zoom for catching kids when they don’t know I am there.
  • I am going to say less than $150–thinking I can probably find one in that range for about $80 after Christmas.

I want sturdy, and long-lasting and if you can tell me what to look at I can earmark the one/s I want to snag in January.


What do you use?

The most intriguing sunrise I have seen in, like, ever!

Picture a perfectly deep plum overcast sky-got it?  Now a near-white pale/slate/powder/barely blue space at the horizon-with an absolutely perfect defining line between the 2  with a visual 3 foot space of the bright/pale sky between the 2 horizons.  This is sounding so lame…you still reading?….NOW the sun is coming up right? but you can’t see it yet-just the light along the bottom of the clouds forming the top horizon (as if the bottoms of the clouds were lit)!  cool aye?  Now turn around and picture the farm–every thing out here has white frilly snow formations stuck on one side-every blade of taller grass/weeds-every single branch and building.  It is all being hit with bright sunshine adding spotlight-grade shadows to the pure white landscape–all of which is backed by the perfect plum sky which you only see when it is overcast deeply.  seriously magical.  Also pretty much gone by the time  I got anyone awake enough to see it.