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Ironically,  I like Pansies because of their happy little faces.  Since Happy faces have been replaced with fuzzy cute ones and I no longer have pansies…I turned my dog into one!

Can’t be helped.


Why? because ABM has a new Jag and I wanted to do an animal post too.

Blogging is NO fun without a camera.  It is embarrassing to use these cell phone snaps-even though I never claimed to be a photog blogger and my standards are not high I am discovering that even I have a bar set above what my phone can do.


Tsunami evacuation sign

If I were a superhero-my power would be a Tidal-clean wave. Messes so easily sap the joy out of life. I could just stroll by and a wake of clean would be behind me. Mom's could get out Play-dough without checking the calendar or time first. People would adopt more puppies. Messy traffic accidents–they would call ME instead of insurance people! A little hug at bed-time instead of Brillo-level scrubbing would certainly have my boys happier too! Everyone would invite me over for nice quiet chats before they have company coming. That way their house would be clean AND I could have the one-on-one talk and skip the crowded social thing. win. win. win and win!

Powered by Plinky

I can’t even figure out which file the pictures of her are in!  I hope she finds her way home–highly doubtful though-it’s been awhile.  😦

That’s her behind Linden–wish I could find her.  Kitties gone out here usually means they don’t come back-coyotes and raccoons and roving dogs don’t know the difference between spoiled house cat and skunk.  I know I have better pictures of her-she was a real camera hog.

A day and a half without internet was crippling!  The internet man made it out finally this afternoon and pushed the bright yellow reset button (can you say “I am an idiot?”) and we are good to go!!!  Now to go read THIRTY-THREE e-mails and then let the kids look up all of the morning questions…”Does a Bull-snake constricterize?” Laurel needs to order more jars for her honey harvest too-and run tracking numbers on a sweater purchase–that girl loves to stalk her packages!  Maybe I’ll just feed my facebook fish first… 😀


Over the climbing meadows, Where swallow-shadows float, These are the small gold buttons On earth’s green, windy coat. ~ Frances M. Frost

what’s it like outside?

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