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yeah, bah blah whatever…I’m a social networker…we’ll see how long I can take it.


ummm….will you be my fwend??


Coca Cola or is it?

COKE. I need say no more. So it's not "food" per se—it improoooooves all foods and completes others. Kinda like MSG.

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Here’s the big hairy deal.  I have been coloring my hair for 3 years now-I had some random threads here and there for a few years before that but when my little BoBo was born I sprouted a large white splotch on the right at the top of my forehead. Bigger than a golfball-smaller than a baseball.

I am seriously considering letting it grow out.

One issue is the expense–I cannot color my hair myself anymore because something has changed in my chemistry that, combined with our well-water, makes a second layer of color turn coal-black (giving me my chosen shade at the roots and goth-chick ends).  I need to go to the salon and have a special treatment first and then the coloring-and then it just grows out again.

Another issue is the pain–it takes a really long time with chemicals and a hot dryer and hands in my hair for so many hours I don’t even want to be touched by the time it’s all over with.  It seems more and more ridiculous to PAY someone to do something I hate to me.

Also needing consideration is the fact that I am still a redhead even if my hair looks brownish–the red faded as I had children but the hair itself still has the same qualities.  This means I don’t get grey hairs–they are white.  The streak is bright white-nowhere near blending with my nondescript everywhere else color at all.  Kinda freakish I fear.

Yet one more issue is the growing-out period–eew !–and then if I don’t like it all that time looking stupid will be wasted if I just go back.  But then again nothing ventured nothing gained. right? maybe?

so…I bring it to you…

Thanks for your help!!

The internet mostly.

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Of course I believe in the death penalty. So does everybody who it was used on. Do I look like some sort of conspiracy theorist?

Additionally, I do NOT believe in fairies but I like to pretend I do. Also additionally I enjoy watching the English language change but "believe in" is not a phrase I can personally use as synonymous with "stand behind" or "agree with". Belief for me is deeper than feelings and opinions.

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Does it SMELL in here?

Wait–maybe I don't want to know.

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This is such and easy one! My weirdest pet peeve is the sound of fingernails being clipped! I hate, hate, HATE that snick snick sound. All my children go into the bathroom to clip their nails-as if it's a shameful activity that must be hidden from polite society…which it IS…yuckola!

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be satisfied. Every ill I can think of would end if the perpetrator was content. Think about Mid-East peace talks too. Issues would end everywhere if both sides just said. “Nah-you keep the rest-we’re good.” And bubbles. The world would be waaay better with more bubbles.

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"Dandelionmom would SOOOO hate that there's a fly in here!"

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I can feed him with chopsticks!  If the food drops down he stalks it and then wiggles like a kitten before pouncing and eating.  Killing my tank off with a filter malfunction after YEARS of watching those fish grow–NOT cool.  Switching over to saltwater and getting Griffin–WAAAAY grooovy.

"A person's a person, no matter how small." ~T. Geisle

or maybe:

"It is a poor mind that can think of only one way to spell a word." ~Old Hickory (A. Jackson)

Do I even need to say why??

In my house–alone–it is clean and I just enjoy it and the silence.

I know I kid around a lot here but I seriously have the urge to sing the Doxology!!

Seems like only yesterday they were my wee little bairns!