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See this baby quilt top?  I made it from a fabric line called “Chirp” and used a pattern called “Double Bubble” by “Crazy Old Ladies”.  I liked the fabrics a lot and they looked neutral over-all when I started.  Now I am not so sure.  My original plan was brown chenille for a border if the baby turns out to be a boy and something pink with maybe some fat brown rick-rack if she has a girl…but now I wonder if there is too much pink in it for a boy? or not enough for a girl?  I also wonder if it looks too…vintagey?

Please try to ignore the red carpet-it will have no impact on the final quilt.  Just tell me if it is too girly or not enough girly.  And those of you who know Charity also tell me if it is too vintagey for her taste.  The last issue is the raw edges on the bubbles-there will be some decorative quilting over them but they are meant to fray and look kinda , well, vintagey  as it gets washed.  Should I whip out the ol’ knitting needles and hang this in the closet for some future baby with a more retro/hippie/crunchy-type Mama or do you think she will like it?

You WILL be honest with me won’t you??  will you delurk to answer something so very important? PLEASE??


I just read that while laboring and right before labor begins a cow will either lay down or stand up!  Lou has been standing up and laying down ALL DAY!  It can’t be long now….  🙄

Woman who lets children do ALL cooking for entire weekend will spend Monday cleaning kitchen.

Dandelionmom adds…wisdom lies in not complaining. (especially if woman wants the chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecakes and the oven fried chicken legs and the homemade pizza to keep coming!)

Lee Brice

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OK–The embed option worked kinda kooky–just click Lee Brice and then Love Like Crazy–I know you’ve probably heard it–take a minit anyways-then go love like crazy!

(and didja cry-jest a little?)