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I have down from the lady who did our breeding for us that Peaches will have her kids in 2 months…Peaches, however had other ideas!!!

Lookit the little buck!!  Him is TEEENY-less than 1/2 the size of the LaManchas!

And a perfect itty widdle doeling!!!  I will call her MARZIPAN!

I know this is NOT  a good picture but all of the close-ups make the kids look so big and I wanted to show scale so this is it.  😆  Peaches is a good Mama-nice clean kids with nice full bellies!  These babies are 3/4 pigmy goat and 1/4 Alpine since Peaches is an Alpine/Pygmy cross and we bred her to a Pigmy.  One more pic because Linden’s face in this one is priceless!!

😆  😆


The Facts: empty room-loud crash-broken Holt Howard Eggcup circa 1932 (from a shelf just below ceiling height)

WAIT A MINUTE! Is that a PAW?? {hands camera to child capable of standing on barstool w/o causing more carnage}-said offspring gathers the evidence…


aaaahhhhhh HAH!   The suspect is caught on tape!  {Leaving much room for jokes on the appropriateness of her name-Eggdrop}  😆

Buttermilk would like to reiterate his innocence in this instance and register his disapproval at being called in for the line-up!  He is also available for a quick game of chase the broom while you sweep up glass shards—fun times!

Oreo had her kid Sunday morning!  How perfect can you get?  She is a chocolate colored little doeling with blue eyes!  She also has the little tipped over elf-type ears!  Such a perfect little dolly-goat!

She also has the softest coat I have felt on a goat (short of an angora-like duh!)  She is already tentatively reserves for someone special-once she meets her we will know immediately!

Muffin is all grown up now-a little bigger than Mama Lou behind her.

Meatloaf would like us to be sure and notice what a gorgeous hunk o’ beefsteak he is turning out to be.

Watson, however, would like to remind us that he is here for looks only!  Him’s jest fer cutes!

Tudey  😀

I’m pretty sure Bear thinks we can’t see him…

Here’s a pretty chicken just for Jody Blue.

Dandelion procreation

Sterling 😀 (love the seeds on his black fur)

Penny has TWO new little somethings to show everyone!

A little buck.

A sweet doeling.

It’s been a busy, busy, tiring morning!

Barnyard comedy.

Late I plan on feeling kinda like hiring a cleaning service…or maybe one of those vacuum salesman that cleans as he demonstrates?

My prize from Mary at Hope Echoes came!  Do you remember that it was 2 tiny salt and pepper shakers?  Somehow it cost her 11 bucks and some change to mail those little pewter guys!  You should SEE all the packing material…

WOW!!  Look at all that great stuff!  We had a nice long sit-down and read–and 3 boys have recipes picked out in the cook book by FAR the FAV item) that we are having for lunch today (is it time YET?)  I had to take away that hanger-“it clamps onto stuff really tight!” ” coool!” My poor poor little bumpkins!  The seashells had a lot of them confused too…” Wow! she lives by the ocean?”  I am pretty sure MO is NOT known for its beaches.  😆  Wanna see the shakers in their new home?  They are SOOOO sweet and petite and KEY-YOOT!

Right between the “safety plates” my DandeMAN gets from the railroad for not getting killed or maimed for a whole year.  I also appreciate his remaining alive and whole–I show him in other ways though.  😯

Thanks so much MAry or the Lou!  It was such a nice surprise–and thanks also all of you who also entered her contest but told her to pick me! 😆  I think I’ll scout around here for something to give away and pass it on–now to find an item that would appeal to my unique blog-o-graphic set…Some of you (namely Caleb will probably be disappointed by whatever I find-can’t be helped)

I was struggling today to type an e-mail and the cordless keyboard was acting up.  It was seriously typing everything I wanted but from RIGHT to LEFT!  The cursor went backwards-and it refused to delete or backspace.  I had a discussion with Laurel along the lines of “OK-very funny-I don’t know how you did this but fix it and we’ll laugh later. ”  “yeah right-just fix it.” “Seriously what did you DO?”  😆  Once she had me convinced that, yes, that would be a really funny thing to do to somebody’s pc, no, she did not do it; I decided a blog post would be hilarious!  Can you imagine an entire post in mirror image?  I was already chuckling at what I would say and thinking up some word-play for the backwards appearing words.  Then WordPress would not let me sign in backwards (party poopers)–not even if I typed in reverse so it would appear right.  Then I changed the batteries.

To summarize: uber-knifty mirror-image post=fail  😕

I did take a picture of Chip on Newton today (for an inquiry on purchasing him (Newton not BoBo(DUH))) (I always feel SO mathematical when I use multiple parens) I did not even notice Mrs. Bultitude sticking her nose in the picture until I pulled it up on the pc-too busy watching my boy and trying for a wave! 😆 It’s somethin anyway-since the other thing didn’t keep not working for me.

Anner loves reading…anything (even if he can’t actually read per se)  He always has a book…just like Daddy.  He also often does the following with his book…just like Daddy.  😀

A ribbed kinda tilty Depression Glass pitcher and glasses set in pink!  My Dad had a whole collection of Depression pitchers and glasses on a shelf over his kitchen sink.  My brother and I both thought we needed to do the same.  It was a funny moment when we found ourselves in his kitchen starring up there and then looked at each other and knew immediately what the other was thinking!  Kev took the Royal blue ones (Dad had both the big and the small) and I took the sweet pink one!  My house came with a shelf all the way around the top of the kitchen but this pitcher had to be as close to the sink as possible-those are the curtains in the window over the sink.  Kevin had to add a shelf to his kitchen for the blue ones.  I think the others went on the auction.

Kind of boring I suppose but there you have it anyway…Mary (the hostess) has one up-but since it’s a contest I kinda want to win if you are too busy to pop by I’m OK with that.  😀

My cool siber-twin (which is the BEST misspelling EVA Dudes-can’t you just picture the furr coat and tusk snow-glare glasses?–OOOOO SABER_TWIN would be even funnier! 😆  )

where was I? OH YEAH! Abroadermark has a blogroll!  I have NO IDEA when she did this and only realized she did when I found myself in mid-surf of all sorts of cool blogs! (I have a few blogs I go to just for the blog-rolls so I did not notice what I was doing at first 😆 ) umm….if I go to your blog regularly and you come here then you must KNOW that I am not referring to YOU-just a couple of others-YOU I read. every time. and go just to see what YOU have to say!

anyhooo I like it a lot and will keep using it as a portal to others’ work AFTER reading what witty things ABM says and looking at the cool pictures she is taking with her new camera…

I might pop by after posting this too-because then I will be ON TOP!!!

I arrived home yesterday from a hair appointment(that’s a hint for those who will see me tomarrow to brace themselves) to find a perfect house!  Clean as a whistle top-to-bottom!  The boys even did this:

They cut those lilacs and crabapple blooms themselves!  And since we ALL know that bigger is ALWAYS better this bouquet is stupendous yes?  Like the tablecloth choice too?  Sometimes it’s a waterbed sheet 😀 (to be fair they are kept next to each other in the linen closet and the green does look very nice. ifisaaysomyself)  8)

One of my African violets has bloomed all at once too:

Pretty huh?

We painted our school room too-brace yerself! The color has some ooomph to it.

POW!  I like it though..the blue valances even look neat with it-and I was worried about my gnifty Dandelion picture (being so dark-green and olivey) but I loves it on there!  I have 2 blank walls waiting for pictures from our photo day and another waiting for my current miniature quilt project.  All that remains is pulling off ALL the books and painting behind the shelves-no big. 😕

Here’s a couple shots of cute too-it’s how I roll.

Logan’s Monster Cookie can stand on edge!

Anner will not be outdone though-his can do it too!

Leighton found the years first CHUBO toad.

Anner was right behind him with the seasons first telephone pine-cone!

I just love the soft days of spring when the boys can explore outside and invent marvelous things; when I can watch lamb beg at the mail-lady’s car window for a milkbone with the dogs; when the girls hearts turn with mine to organizing projects and painting and pruning and gardening and and and-ever see a puppy wiggle in excitement? that’s us here!