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Paw prints on the ring will despoil it,

My pans are too small- I can’t boil it.

I’m so glad you flush,

But please pause in your rush,



I’ll spare all the drama and anxiousness of yesterday and sum it all up with that ugly word colic.  Poor sweet Sandy kept trying to get better for us and when we saw the drugs were not working or even making him comfortable anymore it became obvious it was time to let go.  He will be missed by all of us but especially Lily and especially in the evenings when she used to go out to give him his grain and have a chat.  Newton has not stopped calling for Sandy either-poor guy.  Today remains an equally hard thing-the burial. That one I am going to let happen without me.

I am so thankful for the time Lily had with her pony-boy and for our great vet who made 2 emergency trips out here and did who-knows-how-much rearranging of her busy practice and for Scott being home to handle all the practical stuff now when it is over.  Also really thankful for Heidi taking the extra time to walk into the pasture in her city clothes and put up with cows trying to nibble her shirt-tails to give us this picture-which is a double treasure now!

Being one of those socially weird but entirely content to be so families (you know, the ones who do nothing commercial like giving gifts etc on sacred holidays like Christmas and Easter?)  we have created an entirely frivolous, playful holiday in order to have an excuse to be lazy and play all day and give each other gifts.  😀

Today is the day-it was decreed 2 years ago that Dandelionday shall be on the first Saturday after the first Dandelion is spotted in the yard.  Then, this year we decided that it is OUR holiday so we can just do it the first WARM day Daddy is home after we are all READY!  😆

I tell you all this to give you a chance to leave your well-wishes for us as we exchange gifts and play games (there are hidden dinos in the sandbox being dug up as we speak)  The bigger boys still have yet to discover that key pieces  are missing from their new Lego set too. 😆

I gave Scott something to satisfy his manly love of bacon -and his wish to do things himself–can you guess what?  He gifted me with a very special Lefton China sugar bowl and a lovely bracelet.

Besides Dandelionday-the bloom of the Dannyfowlers means so much more here.  It means we can stop feeding bees and say with positivity that they survived the winter; and it means things are green enough that the beasts eat more grass than hay and the lazy-easy chore season has begun again!  It means soon the lawn will need mowing and I can throw the windows open to fill the house with that wonderful cut-grass scent.  It means bare feet and no coats hats mittens etc ad nauseum et al.  There will be sweaty-sweet wilty bouquets and nose-gays without stems by the dozen and soon…dare I even hope?…FRESH veggies from my own soil!

and so the cycle continues and we enjoy Him and all He has given us…

we remain, ever, blooming where planted and blowing where He listeth

here at Dandelionend!


OK OK-the last one is a fake.  Anner wanted me to take his picture too but I said I was doing sleeping things…so he obliged.  scuez me whilst I go skwish him again!

I can almost hear the theme from Jaws cantchew?

All the pups are in their new homes!!  It was a busy end-of-week with meeting and delivering etc but every pup loved their new owner obviously.  I got a big kick out of how very different each owner is from the others AND how the pups they chose will match well with them.  They are all very different but the same in that they are all animal people and ready to spoil these pups!  I am soooo pleased.

Thinking of the pups as belonging to other people and of myself as a babysitter really made it easy to let them go too.  Using the names they chose instead of mine helped a ton too.  Plus now I can do all my playing with my puppy!  Those fluffy faces will be missed too.  Trapped in the passive voice all of a sudden I am…syntax error! must. find.  caffeine!

Heidi came to our house and took REAL, honest-to-goodness professional pictures of our little dandelionenders!  She is soooo awesome!  nary a word about the nightmare that large groups present for a photog!  She laughed, she smiled, she made friends and she took over 400 pictures in creative poses all over the farm!  They are now being edited-but she sent me a preview which I cannot keep to myself–I am GIDDY with glee!!

It has been toooo long since we have had pictures taken–TOTALLY worth the wait!!  Thanks Heidi!


Over the climbing meadows, Where swallow-shadows float, These are the small gold buttons On earth’s green, windy coat. ~ Frances M. Frost

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