I think I’d better lead with the fact that my Mama made this  before you all start laughing at it!  It was the seventies-cut the lady a little slack OK?  I have fuzzy memories of watching her make this and talking to my Dad about the kit and did they mean MIX the 2 colors of stones in this space or fill the space 1/2 way with one color and then the other 1/2 with the other.  I remember sitting at the kitchen table, leaning over it to get closer and watching her make things–teeeny needle-point brooches, string art,  ceramics,  a feather doll (FOR ME!) and sitting on her bed, playing with buttons while she sewed.  I remember falling asleep to the hum of that machine and the double snic of the scissors at the end of every hum.  I also remember her running out of the one kind of gold braid on this bird and freaking a bit because it wouldn’t match…I keep it because I remember loving those shiny rocks and being lifted up to very carefully touch them sometimes.  My Dad gave this too me after Mom passed away.  Several items have been gifted to me that way and I treasure them all.  I could do a whole series within this series…hmmmm…there’s an idea!

Now pop over to Mary‘s and see the quilt!  Play along too-I’d love to see your treasure!