SIX WEEKS OLD!!!  This week they get their first shots and worming and the vet check–they start going home at the end of this week…Northern on Thursday,  Diva on Saturday and the others to be determined!  Big as these guys are they still prefer to sleep in the puppy PILE/RUG formation.

And now for your weekly portraits (perhaps I overstate my photoging skilz no?)





And since some of our new owners sound kinda young…the item they are “posed” (that was a LOT of work BTW!) beside is called a milk box–it was used back in the day for the milkman to put your daily delivery of jars of milk into to protect them from the weather etc.  I thought it would be good scale-wise.  It is a few inches taller than a gallon jug of milk.

I also bought something new that I want to show you all-because I think it’s knifty!  Straight out of Roman mythology…I bring you NEPTUNE god of the Ocean!

Nice how the algae dots on the glass really set him off isn’t it?  And ,yes, if you must know,  that IS the cover for the filter down there-I think the cat had a sip or two last night, AGAIN.