During his evening farm check Scott spotted this little guy partially born and in difficulty.  We all (of course) ran out and I held Mama still while Laurel helped baby out (he was tangeled up a bit in there)  We still fear he may not make it-he was sooo limp and cold after all the ordeal, but he seems to be warming up and getting some more muscle tone as he does.    Poor little guy is too weak to leave with Mama and we have not yet been able to get him to nurse (although he did take a bit of bottle).  If you look more closely at the middle picture he is suckling Laurel’s chin.  You know how lambs bond with their mother and follow her around-even when the mother is a person with a bottle?  This time I think the feeling is mutual-Laurel has kept her little lamb with her every second since she saved his life.  I hope to see him frisking about the yard and nibbling my flowers off soon.  And in case you are wondering, yes, I AM proud of the capable woman my girl has grown into-she didn’t bat an eye-just dug in and did what needed to be done.  Lily did as well-she was nurse-girl running for everything needed and heating towels to warm baby and then staying with Mama sheep to wait for the afterbirth.  Watching them care for things and give so freely of themselves makes my heart swell.  God is so very good.