Today I would like to show you something I bought on a garage sale a very long time ago.  A garage sale at my house no less.  It was from one of the other families that was there and I really like it.  It also belonged to a really dear lady so it has extra value as a momento of sorts.  It has graced the main power pole of both the acreages that we have called DandelionEnd-when I first started putting it out I was given a perfectly sweet white wicker basket for the front.  We had free-range chicken/guerillas at the time and between sleeping in it and picking at it (pick a little talk a little) it only lasted a season.  I replaced it with the not-as-nice metal number -even planted flowers in it the first year.  It’s really too shallow to maintain moisture or plant-life though. (I have a water once a day and no more rule-even in the heat of the summer and my planters show it.)  I have even used it in pictures of my girls!  We call it simply: The Bike.

I treasure my pink bike.  It still gets a tool about the yard a few times a year too–flowers and all! 😆

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