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I think I’d better lead with the fact that my Mama made this  before you all start laughing at it!  It was the seventies-cut the lady a little slack OK?  I have fuzzy memories of watching her make this and talking to my Dad about the kit and did they mean MIX the 2 colors of stones in this space or fill the space 1/2 way with one color and then the other 1/2 with the other.  I remember sitting at the kitchen table, leaning over it to get closer and watching her make things–teeeny needle-point brooches, string art,  ceramics,  a feather doll (FOR ME!) and sitting on her bed, playing with buttons while she sewed.  I remember falling asleep to the hum of that machine and the double snic of the scissors at the end of every hum.  I also remember her running out of the one kind of gold braid on this bird and freaking a bit because it wouldn’t match…I keep it because I remember loving those shiny rocks and being lifted up to very carefully touch them sometimes.  My Dad gave this too me after Mom passed away.  Several items have been gifted to me that way and I treasure them all.  I could do a whole series within this series…hmmmm…there’s an idea!

Now pop over to Mary‘s and see the quilt!  Play along too-I’d love to see your treasure!


SIX WEEKS OLD!!!  This week they get their first shots and worming and the vet check–they start going home at the end of this week…Northern on Thursday,  Diva on Saturday and the others to be determined!  Big as these guys are they still prefer to sleep in the puppy PILE/RUG formation.

And now for your weekly portraits (perhaps I overstate my photoging skilz no?)





And since some of our new owners sound kinda young…the item they are “posed” (that was a LOT of work BTW!) beside is called a milk box–it was used back in the day for the milkman to put your daily delivery of jars of milk into to protect them from the weather etc.  I thought it would be good scale-wise.  It is a few inches taller than a gallon jug of milk.

I also bought something new that I want to show you all-because I think it’s knifty!  Straight out of Roman mythology…I bring you NEPTUNE god of the Ocean!

Nice how the algae dots on the glass really set him off isn’t it?  And ,yes, if you must know,  that IS the cover for the filter down there-I think the cat had a sip or two last night, AGAIN.

During his evening farm check Scott spotted this little guy partially born and in difficulty.  We all (of course) ran out and I held Mama still while Laurel helped baby out (he was tangeled up a bit in there)  We still fear he may not make it-he was sooo limp and cold after all the ordeal, but he seems to be warming up and getting some more muscle tone as he does.    Poor little guy is too weak to leave with Mama and we have not yet been able to get him to nurse (although he did take a bit of bottle).  If you look more closely at the middle picture he is suckling Laurel’s chin.  You know how lambs bond with their mother and follow her around-even when the mother is a person with a bottle?  This time I think the feeling is mutual-Laurel has kept her little lamb with her every second since she saved his life.  I hope to see him frisking about the yard and nibbling my flowers off soon.  And in case you are wondering, yes, I AM proud of the capable woman my girl has grown into-she didn’t bat an eye-just dug in and did what needed to be done.  Lily did as well-she was nurse-girl running for everything needed and heating towels to warm baby and then staying with Mama sheep to wait for the afterbirth.  Watching them care for things and give so freely of themselves makes my heart swell.  God is so very good.

OK–I give up on my cute little page-everytime I go to update it it sort of locks up and I sit for 20 minutes trying to get any button to click just so I can get back out!  I woke the pups up out in the yard this morning and snapped a picture of each all kind of cold and sleepy.  Then they bolted for the house of course-of course 3 minutes later they were back in their warm puppy pile snoozing in the sun!  I wouldn’t mind a day or two of life as a puppy; eat, snooze, play, repeat. sweet!  Here they are at 5 1/2 weeks old–in the order they woke up!  😆

MISS DIVA!!!  soon to be moving north to live with Donna!

MASTER STEVE!! (I did NOT ask what he has stuck in his furry ear-I don’t even want to know!) He is also moving north -to live with Heidi!

MASTER KAI! This mellow guy will be moving in with Jessica! (and no-he does not have a freaky white leg-that would be butinsky Sterling)

AAAAND MASTER NORTHERN!  He looks kind of foreshortened somehow from this angle-not sure how I managed that–but Kristi his new owner has already seen and held him so she knows he is shaped right. 😆  This guy was soooo cute with her little boy!

Yup-everyone has a home to go to-all of them are homes where they will be the pet of the household and haveeither children or another dog to play with.  I am VERY happy with the way things worked out.  How about a Sterling picture too-it’s evidence of what goes on in my house while I am off running errands…

There are 16 pictures of Potato Head glasses in various places…

I think you get the idea.  There were also some rather disturbing things on there…

scary! but it gets worse!  a doggie sweater gets involved!

or maybe that’s something all boys do? hmm?  Lest you think they only took crazy pictures in my brief absence–I present proof that they also picked up all the wreaths from our Christmas decorating and carted them to the attic.  BEHOLD>>>

They had all those pillows picked up too…AND a new snack was invented…choc chip cookie dough frozen on a stick! (from the same imagination as the pink camo hoodie BTW!)

THIS is SOOO worth a peek!  I think it captures the imagination of men and women,  gear-heads and not, young and vintage. Here’s a few bullets to entice you to click through and watch the short vid!

  • 360 degree turns with a trailer
  • camper!
  • 70s vintage filming and narration
  • its short and yer sittin there anyway…
  • you WILL laugh-so will the closest person to you that sees it-even if they have a completely different sense of humor.
  • it is GOOD!

The following are pictures of our pasture-you know that place where grass grows and cows and horses and sheep graze?  Yes, there is a drainage ditch nearby-but it has not left it’s banks.  This is all melt-off from our winter bounty.  Do I need to mention that we do not have a Wii??

Haven’t seen any green shoots yet…(the grass is greening up where it is uncovered though)–possible sn-w for the weekend though.

My (in the sense of ownership not NEED) mustache cup!  I get a big kick out of the thinking process behind this cup–all the planning in keeping a man’s plethorous stache out of his coffee and then giving it a handle that my first finger finds claustrophobic.  I love picturing a big guy holding that handle in a pincer grasp with pinky extended and lip-bristle perfectly dry and in place!  😀  (I actually have aguy in mind for that picture but haven’t the nerve to ask him to pose for it 😛 )

Now let’s all hope over to Mary’s place and see who else is playing!

OH! and one more pic–a treasure of the more-lasting sort.  Anner’s sense of humor is taking a new turn I think…

vacuum on a leash?  you make your own punchline! (mine sucks)

This is SanteFe and Logan.  Logan is 4YO and SanteFe 4Weeks old.  Ignore Logan’s kitty giving him the evil-eye in the background.  She’ll get over it.  Click on through for the puppy update!

Pictures of Laurel’s beautiful quilt have been in this computer for so very long that I simply can’t stand them NOT being posted any longer!  I have been waiting so that she could put them on her own blog but…between some difficulty getting pictures to load and a general indifference to blog without something of meaning to say (GO figure!) it’s just not happening.  I figure she can always link to these if she really wants to post it huh?  It’s just plain tooo pretty not to share. For quilters looking on…yes each block was hand-apliqued and she used a “stack-n-whack” template and technique for cutting all those identical blades.  All the fans are from the same fabric–the one used in the border.  I really love these moments when it becomes obvious one of my children has surpassed me!

That’s ma girl!!  😀

Today I would like to show you something I bought on a garage sale a very long time ago.  A garage sale at my house no less.  It was from one of the other families that was there and I really like it.  It also belonged to a really dear lady so it has extra value as a momento of sorts.  It has graced the main power pole of both the acreages that we have called DandelionEnd-when I first started putting it out I was given a perfectly sweet white wicker basket for the front.  We had free-range chicken/guerillas at the time and between sleeping in it and picking at it (pick a little talk a little) it only lasted a season.  I replaced it with the not-as-nice metal number -even planted flowers in it the first year.  It’s really too shallow to maintain moisture or plant-life though. (I have a water once a day and no more rule-even in the heat of the summer and my planters show it.)  I have even used it in pictures of my girls!  We call it simply: The Bike.

I treasure my pink bike.  It still gets a tool about the yard a few times a year too–flowers and all! 😆

Now let’s all head to Mary’s place to see more Tuesday Treasures!

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For some strange reason our cats seem to prefer higher places lately…

In the meantime I thought new pup owners would get a kick out of the size of Papa Bear’s paws.  Pretty impressive huh?  They hold a LOT of mud!  😀 (multitudinous are the joys of Newfsmanship)

In every idea home there exists an essence that diffuses its fragrance–the fine flower of noble womanhood, without which the house is a habitation, not a home.  Alone under the ministering care of woman may the routine of daily life be relieved and varied and the course of the household be made to flow free from friction.  Caressed by her gentle touch, order ranges itself, beauty finds a dwelling place, and peace enters as an abiding guest.  Preeminently it is woman that idealizes the home, and with her sweet refining presence, creates atmosphere of serenity and content.       ~ George H. Ellwanger

I long to accomplish great and noble tasks, but it is my cheif duty to accomplish humble tasks as though they were great and noble.  The world is moved along, not only by the mighty shoves of its heroes, but also by the aggregate of the tiny pushes of each honest worker.         ~Helen Keller

We do not EVER EVER put turtles up our noses!       ~ Dandelionmom

Papa Bear sez:  Click on the Dandelionend Newfoundlands button to see the latest pics of each pup and learn who is spoken for and who remains ready to bring some Newf lovins into your life.


Over the climbing meadows, Where swallow-shadows float, These are the small gold buttons On earth’s green, windy coat. ~ Frances M. Frost

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