I have no idea why it has taken me so many ages to get a picture taken of this quilt!  I am really quite pleased with it and I love the richness of the fabrics!  I had the camera in the bedroom already to take pictures for my puppy update and thought-why not? They are assuredly rushed and ill-composed but they are here and at this point that’s good enough for me! 😆

I am still unsure of my plans for this beauty too-I can’t even consider using it instead of my feedsack quilt and the only other beds in the house are twins…it may go in the Etsy shop since I have already gathered my chief joy from it-the creation process.  Do click on the photos and get close-ups of my quilting lady’s work and the detail of the fabric line-modern and yet classy.

I found an old pic in the files of my little experiment with batiks too-might as well cross that one off my list too-it’s not really worth a post of it’s own (being such a quicky fun project)It was quilted in a most special and unique way though-she made a biiig peacock all fanned out over the whole thing- very impressive for that work though!

aaaaaand….Linden can fold it!

sorry bout making ya’ll stare into the sun like that-but around here we like all the sun we can get! 😀