I snapped a picture of this treasure SOLELY because I can legitimately call this treasure “groovy” and groooovy is one of Mary’s favorite descriptors and since she is the host and all….

That’s really quite the rug isn’t it?  😆  My brother and I found this huge roll of what looked like burlap on the top shelf of a closet in my Dad’s guest bedroom when emptying his house a couple of years back.  I have no idea the actual history behind it but it is obviously handmade and Dad went to a LOT of effort to save the thing.  It does make me smile too.  We call it the hippie rug.  I have it beside my boxes of little kid books in the school room for them to sit on while reading.  This is one of those treasures that makes life harder rather than easier-we have to vacuum UNDER it as the burlap continually sheds brown bits.  Not bad really, considering its age.  I am sure it must have been just as earth-from-spacey, equally as grooovey the very day it’s mysterious creator finished it and put on the floor beside the table with her lava lamp.  Does Ekalaka look dizzy to you?

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