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I have no idea why it has taken me so many ages to get a picture taken of this quilt!  I am really quite pleased with it and I love the richness of the fabrics!  I had the camera in the bedroom already to take pictures for my puppy update and thought-why not? They are assuredly rushed and ill-composed but they are here and at this point that’s good enough for me! 😆

I am still unsure of my plans for this beauty too-I can’t even consider using it instead of my feedsack quilt and the only other beds in the house are twins…it may go in the Etsy shop since I have already gathered my chief joy from it-the creation process.  Do click on the photos and get close-ups of my quilting lady’s work and the detail of the fabric line-modern and yet classy.

I found an old pic in the files of my little experiment with batiks too-might as well cross that one off my list too-it’s not really worth a post of it’s own (being such a quicky fun project)It was quilted in a most special and unique way though-she made a biiig peacock all fanned out over the whole thing- very impressive for that work though!

aaaaaand….Linden can fold it!

sorry bout making ya’ll stare into the sun like that-but around here we like all the sun we can get! 😀


I really want to leave the post at just that because cute can speak for itself!  I won’t though…I found him when posting my add to sell my Newfie puppies.  I have always wanted a sweet lap doggie but it had had had to be a Cavelier King Charles Spaniel-NO yappie poos for me!  Second choice Cocker but with all the inbreeding issues I was pretty leery of them.  Sterling is a designer doggie-a Cockalier.  Cuter than both breeds if you ask me.  He is quiet and cuddly and has eyelashes longer than Lou-bells!  I know 4 dogs seems like a lot but there are a lot of us here-he will get no shortage of love!  He will be about 20 pounds or so-just right if you ask me!

Well, I bit the bullet and set everything up new.    Hubby (primo IT hunk) thought if we bought I MIGHT be able to just reopen the old account like nothing happened.  $50 for one year on a maybe with the same problem looming in 364 days and another who-knows-how-much bill did not sit well with me though.

So my new e-mail is my screen name followed by at contacts did follow me so at least I have that!  I have all the financial stuff switched to the new e-mail (I hope) and I sent out a change-my-address-please note to many folk in my contact list.  Then I hit some magic threshold and got blocked from sending (flagged as a spammer I was)  –I can receive e-mail but not send.  All I need is for somebody inside that hotmail box to hit the reset.  I am hoping by today-realistically thinking by mid-march.  😕

I DO however have THIS for you!  Have you ever seen a sweeter moment??

It sure helps keep things in perspective!

My e-mail is GONE!  My EMAIL!  It seems that the account it was connected with ( was canceled someplace-we have not used it in ages except for the e-mail address or something or other…dunno for sure-except the hotmail account I got my mail through asked me to set up a new ID and will not let into the old one.  The one with all the files of good e-mails from the past , the one bank statements come to, and insurance bills, the one connected to Etsy and Ebay and Paypal.  Not to mention my gocomics subscription-what does one DO without one’s One Big Happy??

I can imagine the dramatic e-mails piling up from people who think I am not answering on purpose and the concerned ones from my more ummm balanced friends…

My plan?  today? nothing! I will make a jotted list of all the places I need to reset and think of-THEN take some school time tomarrow and dig in. (I keep thinking of more)

Never thought losing e-mail would make me feel quite so off-balance!


I snapped a picture of this treasure SOLELY because I can legitimately call this treasure “groovy” and groooovy is one of Mary’s favorite descriptors and since she is the host and all….

That’s really quite the rug isn’t it?  😆  My brother and I found this huge roll of what looked like burlap on the top shelf of a closet in my Dad’s guest bedroom when emptying his house a couple of years back.  I have no idea the actual history behind it but it is obviously handmade and Dad went to a LOT of effort to save the thing.  It does make me smile too.  We call it the hippie rug.  I have it beside my boxes of little kid books in the school room for them to sit on while reading.  This is one of those treasures that makes life harder rather than easier-we have to vacuum UNDER it as the burlap continually sheds brown bits.  Not bad really, considering its age.  I am sure it must have been just as earth-from-spacey, equally as grooovey the very day it’s mysterious creator finished it and put on the floor beside the table with her lava lamp.  Does Ekalaka look dizzy to you?

Why not hop on over to Mary’s and see who else is playing this week?

cute pics of pups by a sock for scale–click on the page to see.  😀

The brave walnut grinder…

Alternate title:  Evidence that she has too much time on her hands.

SO..Caleb…is it good?  😀

This is totally one of my FAVORITE things!  See the little Emerald Walnut can?  My mother-in-law had it in her basement–it has a grinder in the lid so you just invert the can and turn the cool handle when you nut-dust on top of your fine desserts!  😀  I was helping her cook at some family gathering or other and she asked me to grind some nuts for the cranberry salad..I said “YEAH!  I love using that cool grinder!”  She said “Really?  I will look for one for you on a garage sale-I see them all the time!”  then she gave me one of those glass jar dealies with the chopper inside that you ponce down on the food with?  When I told her that wasn’t the one I loved she gave me the classic “THAT old thing? you can HAVE that!”  I think it was on the same visit she took a VERY old feedsack (the real thing) and had someone use it for the kid’s tablecloth so a nice cloth would not get ruined.  I think that was the first time she really began to see how weird I am. 😆  Her last visit here brought the girls and I LOVELY old crocheted hotpads and some feedsack tablecloths for the girls!  She knows now that the cool stuff in the basement means so much more to us than anything she could buy!  Maybe next week I will show you my crocheted dishcloth/hotpad collection…

for extras you can see my cool cake carrier from the 60-70s?–$1 on a garage sale no less! and the top corner of my Seller’s cabinet–a future post I am sure!  Now go see other treasures at Mary’s place! Ima gonna go peek at the puppies again!  😀  They grunt like little piglets!

Born on Valentine’s day-how perfect is THAT??  5 pups-3 boys and 2 girls.  Mama Tudey is doing well and a VERY good Mama too–she feeds them well and keeps them clean and lets us play with them as much as we want to!!

wanna see?? huh? huh? do ya??

Thanks again Honey for the use of your manly hand for scale 😀   Speaking of scale?  27 honkin ozs!  The biggest female (whom I would name Ursula if she was mine to name) That’s more than a pound and a half!! and in the interests of never having enough puppy pics… here’s some more!

“Tudey (our dog) has puppies in her tummy!  soon they will come out!  They are down in her tummy!  Wif her FOOD…and wif MY pizza crust!”

yeah…this ones going in the cookie jar!

and I am REALLY ready for those pups! (also hope I don’t see that pizza again  😆  )

(OK–and stall for time before posting something…anything…)


Over the climbing meadows, Where swallow-shadows float, These are the small gold buttons On earth’s green, windy coat. ~ Frances M. Frost

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