Sponsored by Mary over at Hope Echoes…this week she has depression glass!!

Here is my offering:

Recognize this one?  I surely hope so!  It’s my Gravatar and has several things I consider treasures in it!   Look at the apron draped to the side…that is all hand embroidery-it is a full apron and this intricate everywhere–it also has some tiny patches on it with stitches so small you need bifocals to see the loving work.  It was made and cared for in the days of boiling your wash on the stove and heating the sad iron on the stove before pressing–every chore took hours longer to complete and yet the work in the apron took many more hours than we would ever be able to find time to put in on an everyday work covering!

The rolling pin? DO you see it there?  It is a reproduction–I can’t afford an original–plus I wanted one in Jadite and they made them in many colors but not Jadite! LOL  See the metal cap?  You take that off so you can fill it with ice water for rolling out your pastry-then it stays nice and cold-yes it is solid glass (except that it is hollow  😆  )and heavy.

See the Pretty deep blue jars?  They were made for use in Hoosier cabinets-they had spice racks that these fit in.  They look tilted a tiny bit to one side.  My Dad kept and used these on his stove top every day–even though using salt inside a depression glass shaker tends to scratch it up and make it lose value–the royal blue is a sought after color as well.  I kept them and put them on my stove because I HAD to I guess…I also kept his Blue Royal Lace sugar (that he kept pizza coupons in)-I use it beside the stove to hold my Tobasco bottles upside down in.

What else is there in there? AH yes! In the front… the tiny toy egg beater!  My Grandma kept this in her house from when her girls were little I guess.  I always loved it and asked for it every time.  I can remember taking it into the bathtub to froth up bubbles for my little Mickey Mouse to hide in.  She gave it to me when Laurel was a baby.  ALL my kids loved to turn the handle and watch the gears and beaters go.  It’s the real deal-wood and metal and has outlasted countless modern cheap copies!

SO! there ye be!  AND now you know why I like my Gravatar so much too–it has a lot of my favorite things in it!  Plus the cooking theme and the sewing too–and of course the child’s hand!  In general all sorts of things kind of lovingly messed up together–me in a photo!

Now you go take a picture and share a story! Don’t forget to tell Mary!  At least go look at her Grandma’s cream pitcher in Queen Mary Depression Glass!