I am playing along with Mary over at Hope Echos today.  The Camera card still won’t show itself to the pc unless you make the proper incantation first-“there’s a trick to it” which I have not mastered–BUT you are in luck!  I just happen to have lots of pictures of cool junk treasures already on the computer that I planned on showing you and have never made it around to (or some grammatical version of that) Let’s see what we can find for today shall we?

THERE! how’s this one?  You get a bonus!  A really cool 1960s Holt Howard rooster mug. (no special meaning I just dig Holt Howard’s whimsy and have a few pieces of this pattern scattered in with my kitchen junk treasure display.  I love old things with character and have shelves of bright fun ceramics and cookie jars etc etc around the ceiling of my kitchen.  Also pictured?  Some very cool coffee mug-rugs that Lily wove on her rigid-heddle loom.  They are 100% wool (knowing me that’s a duh) which makes an excellent coaster because of how well it repels moisture.  For these she used some Merino wool that I spun on my wheel.  I have the picture in a file because we were trying to sell them on etsy but I have had ZERO sales from my etsy shop!  Granted not a lot of things in it-some hand-painted yarn that was a LOT of work and is very unique and some roving pallettes for needle felters but STILL!  The only sale I have made was followed by an e-mail saying it was a mistake.  Neither here nor there really though..the upside is that you get to see Lily’s nice handiwork!

Play along and show us your treasures too! Don’t forget to pop over to Mary’s and leave a comment!

EDIT: It seems the post is missing an end paren. and an E for Mary’s blog name.  Here ya go:      )   e