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These pictures are truly treasures!  When we moved to our house I had asked for a small photo of the founders of our place to have a a sort of history.  The “kids” who grew up here (and sold to us after Their mom passed away) brought us 4 nice photos in double frames that showed the house as it changed through the years–very very nice!  These did not photograph well being small.  Later, they brought us these large black and white prints-one of the homestead and one a close-up of the barn that used to be here.  I took them to a framing shop and had them done up right.  These really are treasures!  Try to look more closely at the barn if you can–see the ladies in their long skirts with the Holsteins?  I looove that!  And what a coooool barn!

SO! there you have it!  I really treasure these pictures because of the history they have and because they are of my house.  Mostly, though I treasure the effort and care people I did not even know went to to give them to me!  Proof positive that our house and our neighbors and their family are blessings indeed!

Now go check out Mary’s blog for more Tuesday treasures!


I just read THIS POST It is perfect!  I sort of kind of do this when I remember and leave the things lying around…but this is waaay cooler!  I am skipping the jar thing and going straight to an old cookie jar off the shelf in my kitchen!!  I need to rearrange stuff to make a space for a cookie jar on my desk but this will be SOOO great!!

Dontcha hate it when somebody talks about something without telling you what?  FORCING you to click the link?? too  😀

In this instance the results have already happened–please choose the one I actually DID. (i.e. How well do you know Dandelionmom?)

Vote for as many as you think:

OK–a quick edit because my whole posit will not show up: add in the puddle of bacon grease around the gas burner and the myriad, various, and sundry greasy, eggy dishes, bowls, pots, and pans–and don’t forget the griddle.

Sponsored by Mary over at Hope Echoes…this week she has depression glass!!

Here is my offering:

Recognize this one?  I surely hope so!  It’s my Gravatar and has several things I consider treasures in it!   Look at the apron draped to the side…that is all hand embroidery-it is a full apron and this intricate everywhere–it also has some tiny patches on it with stitches so small you need bifocals to see the loving work.  It was made and cared for in the days of boiling your wash on the stove and heating the sad iron on the stove before pressing–every chore took hours longer to complete and yet the work in the apron took many more hours than we would ever be able to find time to put in on an everyday work covering!

The rolling pin? DO you see it there?  It is a reproduction–I can’t afford an original–plus I wanted one in Jadite and they made them in many colors but not Jadite! LOL  See the metal cap?  You take that off so you can fill it with ice water for rolling out your pastry-then it stays nice and cold-yes it is solid glass (except that it is hollow  😆  )and heavy.

See the Pretty deep blue jars?  They were made for use in Hoosier cabinets-they had spice racks that these fit in.  They look tilted a tiny bit to one side.  My Dad kept and used these on his stove top every day–even though using salt inside a depression glass shaker tends to scratch it up and make it lose value–the royal blue is a sought after color as well.  I kept them and put them on my stove because I HAD to I guess…I also kept his Blue Royal Lace sugar (that he kept pizza coupons in)-I use it beside the stove to hold my Tobasco bottles upside down in.

What else is there in there? AH yes! In the front… the tiny toy egg beater!  My Grandma kept this in her house from when her girls were little I guess.  I always loved it and asked for it every time.  I can remember taking it into the bathtub to froth up bubbles for my little Mickey Mouse to hide in.  She gave it to me when Laurel was a baby.  ALL my kids loved to turn the handle and watch the gears and beaters go.  It’s the real deal-wood and metal and has outlasted countless modern cheap copies!

SO! there ye be!  AND now you know why I like my Gravatar so much too–it has a lot of my favorite things in it!  Plus the cooking theme and the sewing too–and of course the child’s hand!  In general all sorts of things kind of lovingly messed up together–me in a photo!

Now you go take a picture and share a story! Don’t forget to tell Mary!  At least go look at her Grandma’s cream pitcher in Queen Mary Depression Glass!

I cannot, simply CANNOT believe I did not know this before.  It is a simply AMAZING function that my lil’ ol’ pc can do for me!

Dost thou, dear reader, know whereof I speak?

You know how all misspellings get underlined in red like the pc is some sort of middle school teacher on a red-ink high?  This is how I handle that all-to-frequent situation.  I go back to the word (with the aid of my trusty mouse Pepe(he’s red)) and try deleting doubled letters or adding an extra or maybe a different vowel?  I just keep changing it until the red line goes away.  Then I give myself a mental A+ for getting it right no matter how many tries it took-instead of posting it as is.  OR alternatively, I post it as is and pretend I MEANT to do it that way by changing other words around it too. Iffen you use bad grammer  whilst yer spelling needs a fonetisist to figgur it out it looks as if you did it of a purpose!

ANYHOOO–all this time my family has been watching me do this-my oldest even stands behind me sometimes and says things like “Try I before E instead on that one..” “no? maybe if you use sion instead of tion…”  TURNS OUT–she has been secretly chuckling at me the whole time–we’re talkin 2 bloomin years here folks!!  When little miss perfect gets a red line what does she do??? Why SHE right clicks on the word!  THATS WHAT I SAID! You can apparently right click on a given word and see the correct alternative spellings of it!!  All you have to do then is click on the one you want and BINGO–you can finish your post with no trouble whatsomuchofanever!!

NOW if the thing could only show me which direction I am pointing I would be golden!  No?  how about left from right?  Maybe we can get an out-of-work game designer to take care of that?  I needs me a directionally impaired challenged app!

NOW don’t woryy if you have gotton used to my…shall we call them creative? spelling habits around here..I’m not planning on going completely against my nature.  After all didn’t Andrew Jackson once say:

“It is a poor mind that can think of only one way to spell a word.”

To that I say AMEN ANDY!

OH! and not to worry ABM–I still neeed you! 😉

28 below last night to 10 above and climbing now!!  whooo–eeee!

Think I’ll celebrate with some hot chocolate!

I am playing along with Mary over at Hope Echos today.  The Camera card still won’t show itself to the pc unless you make the proper incantation first-“there’s a trick to it” which I have not mastered–BUT you are in luck!  I just happen to have lots of pictures of cool junk treasures already on the computer that I planned on showing you and have never made it around to (or some grammatical version of that) Let’s see what we can find for today shall we?

THERE! how’s this one?  You get a bonus!  A really cool 1960s Holt Howard rooster mug. (no special meaning I just dig Holt Howard’s whimsy and have a few pieces of this pattern scattered in with my kitchen junk treasure display.  I love old things with character and have shelves of bright fun ceramics and cookie jars etc etc around the ceiling of my kitchen.  Also pictured?  Some very cool coffee mug-rugs that Lily wove on her rigid-heddle loom.  They are 100% wool (knowing me that’s a duh) which makes an excellent coaster because of how well it repels moisture.  For these she used some Merino wool that I spun on my wheel.  I have the picture in a file because we were trying to sell them on etsy but I have had ZERO sales from my etsy shop!  Granted not a lot of things in it-some hand-painted yarn that was a LOT of work and is very unique and some roving pallettes for needle felters but STILL!  The only sale I have made was followed by an e-mail saying it was a mistake.  Neither here nor there really though..the upside is that you get to see Lily’s nice handiwork!

Play along and show us your treasures too! Don’t forget to pop over to Mary’s and leave a comment!

EDIT: It seems the post is missing an end paren. and an E for Mary’s blog name.  Here ya go:      )   e