The following items for a PlayMobile  Nativity set:

  • a feather for a wise mans turban/hat deally
  • the leg parts for the manger (still have the hay)
  • Joseph’s ring thing around his towel hat deally-or maybe it’s the shepherd’s-we only have one and need 2.
  • the smallest lambs HEAD
  • and siiiigh—baby Jesus

To think we went 2 years losing only 2 items–a wiseman beard and the gold aladdin- lamp gift thing (what IS that anyway? frankenscense? myrrh? a GOLDen lamp?) and then found them back.  I was worried about the cardboard part-that’s still pretty good ironically.  The camels tail and oxen’s horns are chewed up a bit but will still work.  Can anyone help me out?  I think Playmobile plastic has the same “feel” as Greenies dog chews to Lucy. And it ALL skitters very micely (spelling intended 😆 )on the floor for a playful kitten.