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And it would be when I get such a nice notice of  it too!!

CHEERS!  Thing-a-ma-bob! I’m looking forward to many more adventures!


The following items for a PlayMobile  Nativity set:

  • a feather for a wise mans turban/hat deally
  • the leg parts for the manger (still have the hay)
  • Joseph’s ring thing around his towel hat deally-or maybe it’s the shepherd’s-we only have one and need 2.
  • the smallest lambs HEAD
  • and siiiigh—baby Jesus

To think we went 2 years losing only 2 items–a wiseman beard and the gold aladdin- lamp gift thing (what IS that anyway? frankenscense? myrrh? a GOLDen lamp?) and then found them back.  I was worried about the cardboard part-that’s still pretty good ironically.  The camels tail and oxen’s horns are chewed up a bit but will still work.  Can anyone help me out?  I think Playmobile plastic has the same “feel” as Greenies dog chews to Lucy. And it ALL skitters very micely (spelling intended 😆 )on the floor for a playful kitten.

An aside re: the title…Why does my ear insist there is a “P” in warmpth?? hamster too actually.

How come every child I know that says “basketti” instead of spaghetti (and believe you me–I know PLENTY from multiple famblies) can say “spaghettiOs” perfectly fine???

You know one? try it and see! What’s the deal?

My oldest son disappeared into the sewing room awhile back, raided my garbage can in there and found the drawer of stashed felt…he emerged with a big head, a bigger grin and THIS!

It’s a dog-toy for Lucy.  Still don’t know what it is?  It’s a GERM! a very happy germ-maybe slightly demented-and oh so very fun to chew and shred! LOL

That’s ma boy!

HEY! Thanks fer aksin!

We have done a LOT of traveling and even more prep for said travel..and even MORE clean-up after said travel.  We had a very nice Thanksgiving and 2 days later had a birthday party for Dandydad’s Mom!  Mom turned eighty and ALL four of her scattered (geographically I mean–you people!) sons made the trek back to Huron SD for the big day. wanna see?

Charlotte and her boys

There we all are..All of the sons and very nearly all of the grandkids the ones smaller than my little Dandyboys are great-grandkids–yeah I held a baby girl a lot! 😀  At the time I thought that orange sweater was a good choice too. 😆

And in the odd free 10 minutes here and there??

TWO of my quilts are back from the quilters!! Only a small one remains.. I have been hand-stitching the bindings in place!  The one in my lap is a star quilt with FOlklorika fabrics-I’ll show you when I’m done—–the other one that I have finished??? ready? can U tell I am excited??

fanfare please…


I wish I could show you the quilting better-she did an AWESOME job–She says “I aim for awesome” and she hit the mark! Each block is quilted differently and she even went against her quilter nature and put a couple of spots of close-stitching that overlap to look like patches!  I also had her use a nice cotton batting so it has the heft and feel of a heritage quilt–ANNNND it will get those teeny little wrinkles all around the quilting when I wash it.  SO-there she blows.. about 18 monthes start to finish and worth every moment!


Over the climbing meadows, Where swallow-shadows float, These are the small gold buttons On earth’s green, windy coat. ~ Frances M. Frost

what’s it like outside?

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