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October 212


cake earth 028cake earth 029

Can you guess our favorite part of this cake  😀  We simply had to try it because I loooove heritage recipes that have come down through generations…I figure there is a reason you know?  This came from Mary over at Hope Echoes–she made a special point to get us all the recipe after putting the cake name in her “Where I’m From”.  I only had to accuse her of being a cake-tease the once too!  I was going to do a big long picture-full post about it but meh–I think a few will do donchoo??

Let’s git started-the sooner we begin the sooner we can taste it!

cake earth 020

Prop recipe card in corner of well-loved pan for an artsy picture–thanks Laurel!

cake earth 021

Dry ingredients…

cake earth 023

Mixing in the wet…mmmmmm

We did leave out the red coloring…NOT a big fan of colored-for-the-sake-of-making-it-red red things here–If we eat it and it’s red–GOD made it red!  😛  Kinda hard to call it Red Earth Cake I suppose but I remain unmoved and it’s MY kitchen after all.

Then I put nuts on top of it and big marshmallows cut into quarters anad my fingers were all marshmallow sticky and it was Sunday morning and I wanted it ready in time to take to potluck so no pics of the big yummy mallows and nuts–I did snap a couple AFTER a poured on the hot drippy icing that ga-LUES them to the top of the cake.

cake earth 024


cake earth 027

The verdict?  I think my Baking Soda may be a bit flat-it didn’t rise as much as I would have liked-a bit dry and dense but I will try again for sure–the frosting was glorious and easy too–or as Mary likes to say (in my comments no less) “Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy”  The coffee in this chocolate cake makes it very nice indeed!



October 201


She has a VERY expressive face!


October 187

WHAT is the deal with the music players on blogs anyway?  Why do I have to read blogs to someone elses soundtrack or play “beat the music” when I scroll down far enough to see the player and it kicks in?  Even more annoying?  “LOOK folks! here is a slideshow I made of my children playing in the rain–turn off my player first so you can hear the music ON THE SLIDESHOW.”!!!!! duelling players!  Do these (well-intentioned I am sure) people really think I am in a quiet room with nothing else going on and would like a bit of music?  If that were so–wouldn’t I be listening to MY OWN?  If I want music I’ll do it here thankyouverymuch. I want to read what you have to say and see the pictures from your life–NO soundtracks!!

A quick why….here’s the dealio–I HAVE EIGHT KIDS PEOPLE!  I love my life-but quiet moments are not plentiful…All of my little guys come with their own personal soundtracks.. “I aaaaaammmmmm putinonmy SOOOOOOOOCCCKKKSSSSSEEEZZZZZZ” “nnoooow IIIIIIIMMMMMMMdointheother OOOONNNNNEEEEE” or playing…”My guy has dynomite-he will blow up your guy” “MY guy will shoooot your guy””MY guy will BOMB your guys from this plane with this bomb'”My guy has a CAT!” “humming loudly the theme from A-TEAM JUMP B.A. JUMP!”and ALL of the sound effects required.  I love listening to the things their minds come up with–but if I turn on music?  They need to get LOUDER to hear themselves–boys=cute   boys+more sound=maddening. MADDENING I SAY  BWAAAAAA HA HA HAAAAAAAA. ahem…escuse me..I’m back now…

One last point…why oh why oh ever-lovin WHY WHY WHY does almost every place that catches me off-guard with music catch me with “The Gift”??? (David Nevue)  Did they have a meeting? “OK Ya’ll let’s decide what music to use on our blogs for the next 40-some odd years Kay?” “Remember a lot of our readers will have their sterios on..and  washing machines going…and dishwashers…and maybe videos on the TV…and the phone will ring…and the kids will be asking for things and singing to themselves…let’s pick something really really calm and hypnotic. mind-numbing even….and let’s put it on every post we make-whether it matches our topic or not–ESPECIALLY IF NOT!” {insert ringing evil laughter here}

Do you guys think that sound-track bloggers have a soundtrack in their heads with them all day long as they go about their days?  And that that naturally translates to their writing NEEDING to be accompanied in some way?  Do they hum the theme from Hawaii 5 O at the beach or whistle the theme from Mission Impossible while matching socks? Oh-WAIT–I do that (except the beach part-what’s a beach?)  If they DO live life to an inner movie soundtrack–what kind of mind comes up with the SAME SAME SAME SAME song over and over and over and over ad nauseum? and when does THE GIFT start playing??  Are they medicated into some strange compliant, content,half-lidded state?  I can think of NO activity in my day that that song works with.  WHOA___maybe it’s the song itself! maybe it hypnotised them and by placing it on their blogs they are trying to get me too……THAT’S why the player starts automatically …they are all out to get me with their peaceful murmerings…well it won’t work I tell you! I have a cat-holding bomb-dropping,gun-shooting, new-mat-ic drilling crew of sanity police ready to run to my rescue!

One final question…if I had the time to research it I wonder what the proportion of people who use parenthetical (((HUGS))) is to people who Muzak their blogs and lives???  If I had any interest in things actuarial I might like to find out.


Over the climbing meadows, Where swallow-shadows float, These are the small gold buttons On earth’s green, windy coat. ~ Frances M. Frost

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