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ok-kinda  😀

apologies to those toad haters among my readers but just one more toad post…

Lily saw Lou (my sweet sweet never-hurt-anyone freak-of-nature cow)…

EAT a TOAD! that’s what I said! it was a big one and she went for it when she heard it chirping-followed it with her nose until-CHOMP!

talk about yer disturbing images!


toads 018

toads 019

toads 020

toads 035

toads 028

toads 029

toads 026

toads 031

toads 030

toads 032

toads 033

toads 034

toads 024

toads 021

toads 022

corn pics 066

corn pics 030

corn pics 037

corn pics 039

corn pics 051

corn pics 048

goat 022goat 023

Please meet Oreo and Penny! NO we did not name them (otherwise we would not have recycled names!) And yes! their ears are supposed to look that way–they are the most laid-back sweet girls ever! Soon they will provide us with cheese and soap and many entertaining posts for ye olde blog. (current post notwithstanding)

OH-just in case you have been missing Buttermilk lately-let me share what he has been up too:

goat 022

yup! corrupting the farm-cats and committing laundruss interuptuss-and yes-that IS a basket of socks waiting to be paired off–(matchmaker matchmaker make me a match)

corn pics 016 Hiya Mrs. Pigglewiggle!

corn pics 019 oooo…Confuscious swims FAST! What’s that Mr. Confuscious? People who live in glass houses should dress in basement? I’ll member that!

corn pics 020 whatza matter kitty??

corn pics 021 OOOHHH!!! 😆

(dontcha love how far down Bear holds his head? He KNOWS kitties are veeerrrreeee pointy!)


Over the climbing meadows, Where swallow-shadows float, These are the small gold buttons On earth’s green, windy coat. ~ Frances M. Frost

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