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Her’ums is soooo widdle and Tweet! ahem…I mean  isn’t she rather a most precocious, infinitesimal feline ?

I simply MUST record these things for posterity!

I laid down for a wee bit of a nappy today…Anner wiggled in beside me (under the quilt while I was on top) “I will nuggle you!” “that will make you happy.”—How right he was!

Driving past construction with Logan-his eyes get HUGE and round…”Mommy! you goed past a backhoe!!!” (pause and then even bigger eyes) “and you didn’t get crushed!”–I’ll never top that accomplishment will I?

SO…you know how they always say get down on your subjects level? and try new and differnt angles for interest?  I gave that a try yesterday with Mr. Bultitude….

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dog fromfloor 036

dog fromfloor 033 OH look…Lucy’s gonna come play too-it’s just getting better!

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dog fromfloor 025

dog fromfloor 027 OK-so the black makes them hard to distinguish from each other–but I DID learn a valuable lesson–which I will share (I am gracious like that)

WHen photoging large drooling dogs no NOT (I repeat NEVER EVER EVER) make a funny noise to get them to look your way and perk their ears up all cute-like… if you do then also make sure you…

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Wouldn’t be a bad idea to give that mane a good brushing either!

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Photos courtesy of Linden.  Retained swarm(s!!) courtesy of Dandeliondad and Laurel.  Bees rested about15 feet up.  Any locals want to try to baby a little hive through the winter?  We have some available! (We’ll give you some frames with brood to go along with it too)  We are pretty sure one hive is MN hygenics and the other is Carniolan-the hyngenics are more, shall we say consciencious in the hive defense dept. but are supposed to be much more mite resistant.

Where was dandelionmom you ask?  Laurel had a babysitting gig that I filled in for so she could catch her runaway bugs!  (hhhmmmm…cute baby GIRL to play with or pointy angry bugs…yep-I made the right call!)


I won the drawing at Darci’s quilt shop!

It is the Mn quilt shop hop-sort of a big hairy MN quilting fest with special fabrics and free patterns and fabric squares at ALL the quilt shops in the state (OK a LOT of them).  Shades of the Past (where I did the Feedsack Friends thing) is giving away a $50 gift bag full of goodies every Sunday during the hop.  AND I WON LAST WEEK!!!!

Wanna see? do ya? It’s waaaay cooool!

bagstuff 016

WOW huh?  Cool fun patterns…knifty fat quarters…a precious pin…flashy green bag….and GADGETS! looove me some newfangled gadgets to play with!

THANKS Darci and Lacey!!

Everyone go check out their BLOG too!!

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