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Did ya’ll notice that I won a most splendiferous contest over at Kenleigh acres??  It arrived in the mail this weekend! LOOK!

farm sruff 019

This felted bag is beautifully made-felted so neatly that I can’t even SEE a seam-wonder how she does that anyway?  She has a very cool wet-felting tutorial on her studio blog-her farm blog (which I have followed quite awhile since she has Jacob’s and talks about them a lot :D) is about farm stuff-both have her cute boy livening up things too! Check her stuff out! She has an Etsy store too-really nicely done with high-quality things-I bought a print of a sheep painting from her a while back-top-notch! NOW…I wonder if she would do up a header and avatar for the Etsy shop I have been playing with starting?

Thank you very much Kenleigh Acres!!  I will feel so very stylish and artsy with my unique felted bag!  I really love that the sheepy on the front is made with Jacob wool too!

And since I spent awhile browsing Jacob pics on your sites while copy/pasting addresses for this post I feel the need to add some gratuitous pics of my four photogenic Jacobs!!

farm sruff 011

left to right they are: Bathsheepa, Reuben, Sheharezade and Hatsheepsut!

farm sruff 012

farm sruff 015 Reuben is definately the “looker” of the bunch donchathink?







Scott_20090712 051

Scott_20090712 026

Scott_20090712 008

Scott_20090712 041

Scott_20090712 047

I was thinking about ABM’s garage sale post (which I seem to be too lazy to link to today) and got this idea!

Extra stuff lurks all over my house that is still good for someone to use-I do NOT live where garage sales are practical-too far to come out here. SO-I am going to throw some pics up ere of ummm…stuff…yeah..stuff…That hopefully someone could use-not for money-for trade for something you have in a corner somewhere that would be happier in use here at Dandelionend.  Whatchathink??

I have a VERY odd assortment of items for you to peruse today *empties pockets Tom Sawyer-style*

100_3275 yeah..I’m NOT the Saxon type–any overly-scripted material looses points BIG with me-I hate being bossed around like that!–This is in pretty good shape-a stray ink mark here or there and that curly-pages at the edges thing is goin on.

100_3277 a VERY tall fish-tank plant (new)–it could be trimmed shorter or left leaning /floating over at the top of the water to provide cover for baby fish. I got it in a big multi-pack and used all of it’s friends…orphan plant needs a home!

100_3278 This is one of those mats you put on your car seat to protect it under the baby’s car-seat-the pocket hang out under the edge to give you another place to stuff stuff in.  We are down to only one car seat and no longer need this one-I did wash it 😀

100_3274 This is complete as it came-lots of little gizmos and gagets and needles and a hook–I never actually used it!  It looks really cool-I was taught by a PRO instead!

There you go!  Anything that would make your life easier? Leave a comment and let me know….

boring posts for sat 3 Play along HERE!

grass 012


Than leaving a boring post for Saturday UP until Wednessday?

WHY>>>posting about it in order to move it down a slot without actually putting in any effort of course!

In my defense-the computer and camera card are having some sort of tiff and refusing to speak to one another-tech support hunk /PC Therapist /Dandeliondad arrives Friday –just in time for me to post the coming boring post! 😛

boring posts for sat 3

grass 017

grass 004

grass 006

grass 007

Now go to Mary’s blog and see how boring she was today-play along too!  Last week she challenged me to be more boring and I told her I could out-bore even HER–leave a comment here if my grass-growing post was more boring than hers (if you can keep awake long enough after reading through the bore-wars that is!)  Also stay tuned for next week when I add a bit of drama to my boring post!!