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Mr. Bultitude in BOOTS!  and yes, I am holding him still with all my strength-Bear don’t like no boots!  Lately we have been thinking that we should have neamed him Burlington (like the train)-called him Burly for short–he pulls and chugs and huffs and puffs just like a locomotive!  I still like my Lewis ref though 😀

Other doggie news…MRS Bultitude has heartworms– 😦 Monday she goes to the vet for a 3 day treatment to get rid of them.  She will have to be sedated a long time.  I feel really bad.

AAAAND-not to forget the cute puppy…

new 008 of course my dog weighs more than this pup and her owner combined-she is more of a hand-cart to his locomotive. 😆

OK–I guess now I have no reason to not tackle this list..maybe I’ll just peek at a couple more blogs first…