YUP! Having me my very first brand-spankin’ new baby boy!!  Little Linder was born after an average-length labour with an average amount of effort and was 7 lb 15 oz!  He has been anything but average since then!

Curious and quick to grasp mechanical concepts he is always tinkering or plotting and planning things. A true leader, he has 5 willing followers-for good or ill!!

When he was my squeezy wittle two year-old I told him his arms would fall off if he did not hug his Mommy every day–I STILL get my hug every day!! (Although he doesn’t get up after going to bed with his little cute excuse anymore…”My arms aer WOOSE!”)

For his birthday this year we found a puppy for him!  Two years ago he had to give up his little dog because she was tooo “into” chickens.  HE has missed ahving a little dog (ESP of his own)ever since.  The Newfs are just too big and not really into fetch and other boyish games and tricks.  We are trying a herding breed and driving ALL THE WAY TO KANSAS to pick her up this week!!  In his present? a collar etc…his reaction? priceless!!



linder-019 In this one he is seeing his puppy in the e-mail from the breeder!  I think he likes her! 😀

I am really looking forward to a long drive with my boy and new puppy fun as I watch him work with her.  I am also incidentaly looking forward to FINALLY MEETING MY CYBER-TWIN IN PERSON as she lives a mere 2 hours from where we will be and is going to rearrange her busy schedule to come play with me!!!

Oh the blog-fodder to come!! 😆

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Linden Forrest!  I love you!