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would NEVER get though a yoga class without giggling!

How ’bout you?


Currently my youngest two are having some name-calling issues.  This is a weird thing because it is not something we have ever had much of a problem with ever before.  You can also tell they have never had an example for HOW to call names…their method kills me!

First it was Logan (3) running to me saying Anner was calling names…multiple times and then going abck to play-obviously sweet little Anner would not be calling names-he would not even know how so I ignored it (hey! sand is nice and warm around your ears!  😕 )  Eventually I snuck up near their play-zone and listened–Logan: “DON”T call names!”  Anner: “NAME!” Logan: “NO NO Anner-DONT call names!” Anner: “NAME!”  😆  😆

Now they make up names…Logan changes the first letter of Anner’s name so he cals him Danner or Banner etc–then amazingly Anner copies him by doing the same–Dogan or Bogan etc-he makes that mental shift and uses the same first letter Logan chooses and changes Logan’s name.

I know this is wrong and the attitude they do it in is purely to try to irk the other person…but it just seems so advanced the way they are doing it–a 2 and 3 year old doing a rhyming and even alliterative kind of thing!

The other thing they had me laughing about?  They are potty training together-Logan has it now actually-well…they named IT-on their own. They both call it “my little guy” (as in look what my little guy can do” my little guy likes the door in my breifs”)

And people wonder why I am so flip–around here it is a mammoth task to stay serious for even 5 minutes!!  😆  😆

bees 010bees 012 you don’t have to stick that pea back on yer fork boy! lemme take care o thet thar pesky tidbit fer ya–can I at least lick the bowl???

dandelions 018

can u see the socks at the edge of the feild??? I can see them when I write the post but not when I veiw the site…my garden needs tilling and the lawn mower needa a new tire so it will be awhile before I get a tech guy 😦

late edit—I just looked with Internet explorer instead of Mozilla–that works so I must just need to update my browser.  later…

I have no time to figure this out but every last bloomin pic on my blog is GONE!!

My blog is reduced to gibberish without pictures!

whatever, OH, whatever will I do??


can’t even post a pic of my frustration-wrought face!

linder 095Books are keys to wisdom’s treasure;

linder 054Books are paths that upward lead;

linder 096Books are gates to lands of pleasure;

linder 097Books are friends.

Come, let us read!

Laurel 006

My baby Laurel is officailly a licenced driver!!  She passed her behind-the-wheel test yesterday and today took her first solo> (you know..first legal on-the-highway solo–farm kids do plenty driving before that 😉  )

Laurel 010 Do you see that little decal on her truck??

Laurel 011 It sez Supersis ’cause she is!  SEE??

Laurel 007

Laurel 009

I am equally proud of THIS accomplishment as well…

dandelions 001 her very first knitted sock!!!

dandelions 002

I just needed a moment to say…”THATS ma girl!”   😀

This begins the first week of my twenty-first year of marriage!  Twenty-wonderful years!  BOTH of my readers must know by now the immense patience and total long-suffering required of a man to be married to flip, flighty me for so long–and to STILL pull off that happy look!

Seriously-I have learned so much about strength and persistence and just plain slogging through when things are hard form my man-watching him do the hard thing because it was best for US–watching him work a job that left him bruised and bone-tired every night in order to pay either the rent OR the electric. Knowing it was dead-end-and doing it anyway for us–for me!

Praying beside him has taught me what it means to kneel before the God of the Universe-to truly worship with words and to bring everything to Him completely trusting in the answer were more ideas before I experienced them at Scott’s side.

Argueing discussing ideas and ideals as we grow and change and prayerfully seek His will in who we are to become has always challenged me.  My man’s patience as he waits for me to catch up to him and prays for and encourages me as I struggle behind is mammoth!

Ever read his blog?  He is a thoughful, introspective scolar type-living with a flip, jokey, seriously BAD speller! Take a second to read THIS--we wrote his/her viewpoints of the same incident (the butchering of a pig) on his blog.  I think it illustrates how different yet complimentary we are.  It also illustrates why we have seperate blogs now…his erudite discussions and my flip observations collide in the blogosphere-yet they make life better in the home.  We have very differing readers who I doubt would read each other much (with the exception of those of you who know us and humor me! 😆 )

There is the matter of how patient he is with my handicaps as well…I cannot spell to save my life(in spite of a KILLER vocabulary-go figure)–he has to say “my way” or “your way” when directing me driving because I so often confuse left and right and he saves us frequently from financial disaster by being the one to subtract the checkbook-I am good at the faithful recording and regular check-writing and budget following-I cannot subtract for some reason-he saves us from purely silly errors by taking the calculater gently but firmly from my sweaty little hand!

Not to sound to bragadocious or anything…but have you seen the chest on the guy??  😳  Twenty years and I still get some serious pitter-pats when he steps in the house after a long week on the road-who am I kidding-after 10 min in the yard!

Let’s also talk for a minute about the sheer number of animals I have foisted upon the poor guy!  Tiny baby things.. babysitting and special-care cases-birds, bees, and everything furry between–he has lugged water for salt AND fresh water aquariums and even bought as a surprise varying pets for me–NOT because he liked them but because he knew what would please me!  He teases me mercilessly about it yet just smiles and aquieses the very next time I ask.  My fav animal-related quote?  ” You have to know how much I love you-there is a farm animal in my BED!” (Purl  😀 )

Twenty years and I still ALWAYS have fresh flowers in a case or two all summer long-he sometimes buys them but often stops and picks my favorite wildflowers on the side of the road-after a hot dusty day of work no less–he is teaching his boys to treat me like a queen as well..they bring me flowers and hold doors for me and I never walk anywhere without a man (of one size or another) to hold my hand!  Watching them look to Daddy for approval when they do these things and Daddy giving a quiet thumbs-up gives me chills!  I have no doubts of the way my boys will treat their wives-I can see them copy their Daddy-and with an example like that ANY woman will be lucky to have them!

And–have you SEEN the quality of the children he has given me? and given me? and given me? and given me? etc…  That is one SERIOUSLY QUALITY gene pool I been dippin into! 😆

Happy twenty years, my Love, my Life.  When I look at who we used to be and who God has made us into together I am filled with anticipation of the next 40 years.  Actually the next 5 minutes look pretty sweet too!! I love you Scott!

dandelions 062

dandelions 003

dandelions 027

dandelions 030

dandelions 039


dandelions 012 My Walker Weeping Whatsitsnoseits came through the winter right purdy!!  I show it to you again when it blooms!

dandelions 010 My “Smoke on the Prairie” ??    not.  so.  much.

trip 008

trip 010

trip 011

trip 013

I think you need bare legs to get a better grip on the wiley goat’s back.  YEAH that’s it!  All the toughest rodeo dudes start out sans pants.  That rough and tough horned beast’s name?? Peaches! why do you ask??  😆  I don’t think she even bothered to stop grazing the whole time!

trip 090

Thanks to Lily for the time and effort and sacrifice of her pretty little fingernails –all for the purpose of making a cute white lamb an even cuter blue one!  Another one of the many uses of Kool-Aid!  I know most people say the color looks different in real life-but the camera caught it perfectly!  😆   😯

Here is the point where I try to look all cocsmopolitan and fail utterly!

I had to keep reminding myself to shut my mouth!  It started out pretty well-driving thrugh the Loess Hills in Iowa is so very pretty-and nice open interstate too.  I pulled up some of my obscure knowledge to impress my son and told him a few of the wonders of those hills–Iowa being God’s country and all…

The low point of the drive being  Nebraska–no offense Nebraskans but do you have a special grace to live there or something?

Then we entered something called “The Turnpike” WOWSERS!!  perfect paving-lots of space-no exits in the way of my daydreaming and no billboards!! smoooth sailing!  I even managed to look like I knew WHY I needed to take a ticket-and I had my $5.25 ready when I got off 100 plus miles later!  The coolest past of this whole deal? They are called service areas! A little not-even=quite an exit-with no other turns to confuse the bumpkins…you just glide off to find a BIG gas station with tons of extras and goodies inside and automatic doors and really great parking–also a McDonald’s with a perfect drivethrough in line with the on-ramp–no delay or directional memory required!!  Ya’ll ever seen those?  They were honostly like every 40 miles!  what are people driving that they need to stop that often?  I crossed all of South Dakota (did not find it entirely mentionable) and saw TWO rest stops TOTAL! Anyhoooo..a little zip off to pay a nice grandmotherly type lady who wished me a nice day now and then my exit for the hotel was on top of the payment spot-2 turns on top of that and we were there!  I checked in-opened the curtain and had a phone call from Old Woman herself!!  Perfect timing!!!

I met her in the hallway-and we started talking right away-and the talk about the drive ended FAST-we had too much else to say!  Funny thing?   We had both thrown a game into our bags before leaving just in case…She even put thought into hers and put Boggle back (remembering my spelling handicap)–Don’t know if what she brought was fun or not-we did not touch them!  We also brought gifts for each other–I gave he a lamo bag of Minnesota Wild RIce–good but generic gift-wise.  She brought me a Douey-Raimes Bible which required actually KNOWING me and what I like–and I LOVE it–so very poetic!  so very majestic! see how cool she is?

We decided to drive around until we found a nice place to eat…EASY decision on whose car to take–HERS was COOL!!

trip 037

Try to ignore the missing plasticy bottom of the bumper part of the next-door truck–it was inadvertantly seperated in a snow-pulling incident this winter-it’s an easy fix which means low on the priority list.  We cruised in the cruiser and laughed and laughed–I saw 2 slugbugs in a row BAM BAM–we nearly joined a parade, and drove miles before spotted the oasis that is Red Lobster.  I really did think we were going in circles-ABM kept saying things like “I am DRAWN LEFT” and we kept passing a Quick Trip and a McDonald’s–I KNEW I was being kind of hickish thinking it was the same one each time but when she said there were at least TEN McDonald’s I was flabbergasted!  2 or 3 I can understand-for you bi citt slickers–but double digits? in the same town?  made me miss my little gravel road and the safety of my mailbox!  FUN drive though-because I could ride–I had NO IDEA how we would find the hotel back–I said I had the address someplace in my purse–my City slicker friend had it memorized!! (she also learned that I was not kidding when I said I was LEFT/RIGHT challenged)  ANYHOOO–we left the yummy food place (where the waitress seemed to think I might want to share my dessert with ABM (AS IF!! friendship is one thing but a choc chip lava cookie topped with ice cream is quite another!)  We ended up on an interstate kinda thinger and I yelled SOUTH and I KNEW SOUTH!!! I really did–it was a moment I shall never forget-that moment of being RIGHT directioally speaking–it felt GOOOOOD!!! with a zip,zip,zoop of the pT Cruiser we were back at the Hotel and the talk-fest began!

You know how you have fun friends and deep friends? people who you can talk to and people tha you are the listener?  ABM is the WHOLE PACKAGE baby!! And we covered it ALL!! Had lots of good ideas for funny bloggy pics too-but no gumption to really leave our fun to go get props!

We did talk all night (with a sock-tour break!)-napped for an hour and then breakfasted and tried for a few pics out of obligation to you folks-could not let you down totally! I laughed so much my cheeks hurt!  See how much alike we are-neither of us thought to take pics BEFORE being up all night and feeling frumpy/pillow-wrinkly. 😆

trip 039

Since we had a 12 YO snapping these pics (and everyone knows that 12 YOs add 30 lbs…) here is my fav…ain’t my friend cute?

trip 040

trip 047


we got a doggie too 😀

trip 052

trip 054

We only talked to the OneAcre Homestead folks about half an hour-long enough to see how cool they are-get a few puppy tips and lots of slurps-and 4 hugs fron my boy!  She is sooo sweet and really took to Linden right away-he named her Lucy 😀

Thanks ABM for making this trip so very worth it!


100_2990 CHECKIN IN

100_2988 GOING UP


100_2984 ON THE MOVE….






a snap wherin we both simultaniously look good! (a HARD task indeed with factors like my personal appearance to deal with!!)

100_2996 PEACE OUT BRO!

stay tuned for ….Cruiser adventures and maybe a peek or 2 at rejected pics of the 2 of us….and the boy and his dog!

oooo boy! wiggly happy dance!!

Tomarrow Linden and I leave for the strange faraway land of Kansas!  It is the land of my father’s growing up but I have never spent time there.  I am sure I will stick out like a sore thumb-considering I have no red shoes and all… 😛

Why are we driving 10 hours you ask?? To buy a puppy for my boy of course!!  We are buying her from this cool lady!  So I will get to meet the writer of a blog I frequently lurk at-and get a very nice pup from a home breeder who cares more about the animals than how many pups they can get from them.  How cool is that??

We will arrive to a hotel in Wichita the night before and that is when I GET TO MEET MY CYBER TWIN!!! Yeppers! Abroadermark is going to rent a car no less and drive a couple hours up to KS too–just to see me!!  This is the most amazing friendship -it started with cutey/smart-alecy comments playing around on each others blogs and grew to deeep philosophical discussions and a sharing of…well…something clicked and somehow it “works”!  I can’t wait to see her for real!!

Today I need to do some pre-cooking for my family left at home and get some cash for toll-roads  and food and vaccum my truck and gas er up and print out my map-quest direction and my return mapquest directions 😀  and find an atlas to carry just in case and get waterdish etc for return trip with puppy-wish I had time for a haircut!

oooooo BOY HOWDY!!!





He’s even cuter asleep–wanna see?


yes-he IS dressed too warmly-he LIKES that shirt!  😆

YUP! Having me my very first brand-spankin’ new baby boy!!  Little Linder was born after an average-length labour with an average amount of effort and was 7 lb 15 oz!  He has been anything but average since then!

Curious and quick to grasp mechanical concepts he is always tinkering or plotting and planning things. A true leader, he has 5 willing followers-for good or ill!!

When he was my squeezy wittle two year-old I told him his arms would fall off if he did not hug his Mommy every day–I STILL get my hug every day!! (Although he doesn’t get up after going to bed with his little cute excuse anymore…”My arms aer WOOSE!”)

For his birthday this year we found a puppy for him!  Two years ago he had to give up his little dog because she was tooo “into” chickens.  HE has missed ahving a little dog (ESP of his own)ever since.  The Newfs are just too big and not really into fetch and other boyish games and tricks.  We are trying a herding breed and driving ALL THE WAY TO KANSAS to pick her up this week!!  In his present? a collar etc…his reaction? priceless!!



linder-019 In this one he is seeing his puppy in the e-mail from the breeder!  I think he likes her! 😀

I am really looking forward to a long drive with my boy and new puppy fun as I watch him work with her.  I am also incidentaly looking forward to FINALLY MEETING MY CYBER-TWIN IN PERSON as she lives a mere 2 hours from where we will be and is going to rearrange her busy schedule to come play with me!!!

Oh the blog-fodder to come!! 😆

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Linden Forrest!  I love you!


CHOCOLATE!!! healthy, lovely, VITAMIN ENRICHED chocoliceousness!!  Can you believe it?  astounding no?  Why has noone ever come up with this winner before?  One kind can make me VITAL and VIBRANT and the other BEAUTIFUL!!  I HAD to buy both-who can choose between those two?  They have some amazing things to say about themselves on their boxes too- but sarcastic as I can be I can’t seem to type them with a straight face  😕  😆

The wrappers all have wonderful little life-afirming tips and encouragements inside them too.  My fav?  ” Add a 20 mn massage to your next manicure apointment-you will thank youself later.”  *sputter sputter GUFFAW*

I just gorged myself on two boxes of healthy make-my-life better chocolates and I am SOOO beautiful and vivaceous I can’t stand myself!  Good thing I did not buy more -they would be dragging me off to do a modeling shoot right when the kids are ready for lunch!


Over the climbing meadows, Where swallow-shadows float, These are the small gold buttons On earth’s green, windy coat. ~ Frances M. Frost

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