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OR: In which the fortuitous dropping of an expensive bottlee of \”medicine\” leads to an amazing discovery.


Please meet Honey B Healthy–an herbal additive to the sugar syrup you feed bees in the spring while waiting for the first nectar flow (usually the humble and magnificent dannyfowler!)  This is just herbal healthy stuff to give them a boost and hopefully stimulate egg production-because most things on the farm tend to come down to breeding – lots of it-and often-if you want success.

Wait for me a sec while I run after my train of thought-it left me behind….KAY–Laurel made up a big ol batch of syrup in anticipation of bee arrival day and Honey B Healthy (which smells incredibly yummy BTW(choooo chooooooooooo WAIT!)) Long story shortened…bottle left on counter…bottle DROPPED by boy progeny.  The silver lining? the serandipitous discovery?  Check this out… thelid looked like this…


see it?? the \”while pushing down turn\” \”child-proof\” cap invention of some demon engineer solely for the frustration of  good  people trying to makes things \”all better\”. WELLLLL….it turns out that if you CHUCK it hard enough and hit it just so….


The out lid cracks OFF!!! leaving…..


a neat, tidy very plain, simple unscrew-it top!!

To think all these years I have fought my urge to use a plyers to crack the lids of a select few of these stubborn devises!  What a WASTE!  the inner lid is strong and solid and FUNCTIONAL!!

Cool huh? (although now I am plagued by doubts… this is such a simple discovery-maybe everyone has known about it all along…)

Please don\’t be hatin on my hatred for child-proof caps.  We all know that only children remain un frustrated by them.  I AM careful with medicines etc-AND the many things that are NOT childproof and equally dangerous.  We keep our meds safely out of reach–I AM thrilled to know that the next time I have a crying miserable baby in my arms I can provide some relief without the added frustration of trying to open a bottle with one hand while maintaining the proper cadence in my \”mommy-walk\” to soothe said yungun.





Yeppers-a truckload of catfood being placed piece by piece into a tic-tac container!  Those chubby little fingers are killer are’nt  they? And the grubby little feet with their ittty toenails and pudgy piggies and psycological band-aid? Make me swoon everytime!







This week three ladies have joined us here for their retirement…

apr-004 This is Baby Girl…she is ALL personality-touches noses with everyone–she is a 10 YO Merino!

apr-006 These are Ravella and Rosie. Mother and daughter-10 and 9 year old Shetland/Merino crosses.  They warm up to food-bearers only.  All three are here to retire and give us their super-soft wool in trade for oats and all the dandelions they can eat.

Thanks again to Donna Mae for trusting us with your sweet girls-we already enjoy them a lot!

ANNNNND…… as of today….

apr-021 Sweeeeet baby Purl has come to stay!!  She is a bottle baby just born today for us to love and feed.  Who can resist that face??  She is a Ramboulette (or some such spelling)/Dorset cross and will be snowy white and super-soft.


apr-030She is from a really nice lady named Tammy whose last name I don’t even know! ( I do know she knits some really rockin’ felted clogs though  😀  )  Purl is an orphan–or was–now she is a Dandelionender! I heart my baby sheepy!

OOOOOO boy am I SPOILING myself!!!  THis week I have bought for myself not one but FOUR of these beauties!!


Glamorous huh?? Black IS the new black-classic! And YES! they ARE the A T Rs- wanna see the tread??

Brace yerself–tire porn…


SNAZZY huh? I might even say SPIFFY but I would’nt want to be bragging or anything.  Check that little piece of gravel tucked up in the insanely deeep and mighty tread.  Did I mention that they are a matched set?? Thank you very much!

Look what else I spotted when I went out for the tire pics..


I know a really dedicated blogger would lay on the ground and zoom in on those sprouts nice and close-but it’s WET and COLD and SOOO not happenin! Here’s another for ya though..


YES! That IS a Hollyhock! I have NO idea what he thinks he is doing up this early-even in that sheltered spot–I think he is insane-but I love him for it! oooo–and see this?


Yeppers! new green green green grass!!!  soon we will have some very happy bovines and equines!

What is it about new shoots that makes a person want to take credit for them?? I am feeling very proprietary–except for the insane Hollyhock-HE is on his own!

I am SOOO glad you asked!  My plans are laid and pre-baking has begun!! We will be serving buffet style with a selection of pickles and olives and peppers on each (of 3) tables-as well as bread (finger rolls)butter,honey and peach jam. On the buffet will reside:

  • ham
  • raisin sauce for said pork
  • mashed potatos with a few lumps -the real thing 😉
  • nice salty ham gravy
  • pineapple “stuff” -sort of a stuffing cum strata from white bread crumbs with crushed pineapple that is really good with ham
  • french-cut green beans with bacon and slivered almonds
  • corn with cream cheese and green chilis
  • broc/caul/based Itailian salad that I would LIVE on if the family would let me
  • cole slaw with pineapple in it for “fancy”
  • applesauce thickened with red jello with redhot candies melted in

and for dessert???  crispy thin waffle bowls brushed with orange infused chocolate and filled with glazed fresh strawberries, topped with real whipped cream.

Later today-a pic of the brand new indulgence I bought just for ME ME ME-a hint?  round and spendy and oh so stylish!




I would call this a works-for-me-wed deal but that would require links and seriousness and commitment.  Not my bag today.  I’ll just share my NEW cheap easy way to clean tough spots on your kitchen or bathroom linoleum floor!!

This tip is for those greasy marks and gummy bits of gunk that who knows who dragged in from who knows where. You know the ones? you lean down while mopping and SCRITCH at them with your fingernail??

My new, cheap awesome-cleanser that you probably already have in your pantry??  LEFTOVER PICKLE JUICE!!!  I have tryed to think out the science behind it but I am not sure exactly what it is…for some reason the sweet jiuce from sweet pickles works even better and –hold your hat–the juice off of my pickled beets works wonders!

Use it like this..pour a little puddle on top of your stain and let stand for 15 min to half an hour to let the vinegar cut away at it. Then wipe it off the floor with a paper towel-the stain should leave at the same time with no scrubbing at all!  I have tryed this with plain vinegar but I did have to scrub some after absorbing it–maybe it is the combo of the salt and vinegar?  That doesn’t explain why the sweet pickle and beet juice works so well though-unless they just have a higher vinegar concentration than the dill?

anyhoo….just thought I’d share…give it a try today.

EDIT:  do carefully examine the DATE of this post people!


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