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Linden to Leif: “Leif….we can give you tomato soup evry single day of your life…but you are STILL going to want ice cream!”

Couldn’t have said it better myself..I think?








Dontcha love how teeny and cute the icicles are??  And the icy crystalline encasing making even dead weeds pretty and pine needles glorious??  The very best part? It’ll be gone and all MUD by the weekend–YES! MUD glorious, skwishy,dark,cool,oozy,soft,non-hard/frozen MUD!!  I rejoice and embrace the future mud-spring here is a constant shift from snow to mud to ice to mud to snow to mud–I am clinging to the hope that this last storm with it’s double below zero digits is the last of the season with only minor setbacks to follow!!

Yesterday our President lifted the ban on federal funding for stem-cell research.  Now you can get tax dollars to perform experiments that remind me of nothing so much as Nazi experiments on concentration-camp inmates-only on  much younger victims.

The news is filled with hope and joy and optimism that this avenue of “treatment” is now more open for exploration.  The virgins we are throwing into the volcano of our own self-indulgence are as young as they can get.

It’s not enough that we kill the unborn for our convienience -we now mutilate them before they die and seek to use their very life-force to better our own lives.

Oh, OH, how I mourn.