Here he is!! This is “my” donkey-john Saul! (F.Y.I.a John is a gelded male)–sometimes I call him John-boy-can’t help myself!!

saul-103 Yes-it is really cold out!  He is technically (I guess) called a spotted a$$.  And if you have a witty comment about the equus asinus-skip it–I have heard them ALL by now!!  😆 “no I DO NOT want a picture of my sister’s ..”  HAR HAR HAR  😛

wanna see his face??

saul-035 I looove the grin on his face in this one!!  He really acts EXACTLY like the Newfs!  comes right up to you and if you scratch him anywhere he leans in and waits for more! VERY food oriented too! LOL  dontcha looove those ears?

saul-104 “MMMMM is this dangley thing hanging from yer flashy-lighty thing good? looks tasty-just let me git me a nibble….”

Here’s Lily’s Sandy too:–he’s a nice boy-really patient and sweet–he has a bald spot on his poor nose form a too tight halter in his past…

saul-107 It’s a borrowed saddle but a friend found a (used) really lovely embossed Aussie saddle for us to try on him!!  (think Man From Snowy River with roses and roos on it!!)   I can’t wait until we can see it in person!


He is a nice boy-and I love his fuzzy winter coat…if only his ears weren’t sooo very tiny and unattractive.  8)  See his ear in this one? and the extra white in his eye?  That is his strongest reaction on first unloading and seeing sheep with horns and bells and small boys with loud voices!  That is the back veiw of the spotted asinus in the background too.