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Subtitle:-THAT”S where that went.

OR:  dandelionmom bares her soul to the world at large!

They say you can tell alot about a woman by what she has in her purse…I wonder what folks’ll think about me when I open the depths and reveal the inner sanctum?

Abroadermark was first in this “show me yours” game and I have had the pictures in my camera for a bit waiting for a quiet moment…what? I chose to use a rare quiet moment to post pictures of my PURSE on my blog? yeah? SO??

FIRST–You must see the purse itself–a gift from Laurel for my birthday–uber-cool!  It’s a Namaste bag-big so knitting projects can come with in the same bag! Very modern/retro in a knifty olive that will go season to season–it even came with a dust-cover deal if I store it!


cool huh? and yes, it’s the biggest purse I have ever carried-but I used to carry a diaper bag AND a knitting bag and a book or 2 also!! Now I have a diaper in the truck and everything else goes in here!

purse-026 This is the front accordian pocket–little coin purse of quarters for emergency pop-machine purchases -the front thing is q-tip type thingers filled with antiseptc/painkiller stuff for owies-childrens Benedryl for allergic issues and eye-glasses cleaner and cloth. unseen is a sweet purple box of lavendar soap fakes (small paper-like sheets) of soap from England–just in case we are someplace without any–mostly it just makes things smell purdy!  I had a pic of this stuff all laid out but the pc refuses to read it-use yer magination!

now the back pocket:

purse-028 Have you EVER seen a bag with SOOO much PURSanality?? This pocket is for gum and my cell phone and keys–right now only gum because at home my phone is on my desk and my keys are in the ignition on the hook where they belong.

Brace yourself–here’s where she gets amazing:

purse-001 Look how wiiiide it opens and how easy to find the item I need!  See that gap right there? between those 2 things? That’s for a Kindle reader.. HINT HINT>Let’s dig in shall we?

purse-002 yep! that was all in there!!  Let’s start at the top shall we? The papers are the knitting patterns for my projects in my purse.. the white muslin bag is my shawl and the small baggie is a scarf from my homespun yarn-the funny clear bag is my circular knitting needles (they are only iin temporarily to show someone) to finish the knitting stuff-I have a little bag (cat one) full of stitch markers and yarn needles and those rubber point-stopper deals and a little tape measure etc etc.  MUST have the gadgets! Back to the top: three dinosaurs, 2 cows, and a car-because…well BECAUSE!  the round balls are reusable shopping bags that fold in on themselves. the black polka-dot bag is full of band-aids and ointment and skeeter-itch stopper.  I have a few Jr strength Tylonol in there as well (in the bubbles). Checkbook, wallet (it has pockets for receipts and dividing my cash into the categories it is allowed to be spent in–a very bossy wallet) a single knitted baby-bootie (EASY pattern BTW!)and Anner’s crumpled dollar.  Where are all the clean and used kleenex you ask?? COAT POCKET!

but wait! there’s more!

purse-006 wordpress would not read the photo of the inside zipper pocket–her’s what’s in it..nail clippers BURT’S BESS chapstick AAAND the tinted Burt’s Bees in case I need to “spruce up a bit” (one is almost empty so there are 2 of those –in “nutmeg”-another chapstick and a tube of “bronzer cream” that works for blusher/lipstick for those times I look in the mirror and decide I need a little something more so I don’t get pulled over  on suspicision of being a corpse.

purse-004 These things were in the little pockets on the other side–savings account books (one is a child’s) more knitting needles (double points), 3 pens, children’s tylonol and adult extra-strength tylonol.  The orange thing is a holder with little not-quite business cards that I give to people I buy stuff from/sell stuff too. (usually animals LOL)

There you have it!!  and no–the past 5 minutes you wasted here will never be had again-lost forever-prbably in the bottom of my purse!


saul-027saul-0291 sigh…

MEANWHILE in the kitchen…



by the by-I just started “Till We All Have Faces”  anyone else read it??

Here he is!! This is “my” donkey-john Saul! (F.Y.I.a John is a gelded male)–sometimes I call him John-boy-can’t help myself!!

saul-103 Yes-it is really cold out!  He is technically (I guess) called a spotted a$$.  And if you have a witty comment about the equus asinus-skip it–I have heard them ALL by now!!  😆 “no I DO NOT want a picture of my sister’s ..”  HAR HAR HAR  😛

wanna see his face??

saul-035 I looove the grin on his face in this one!!  He really acts EXACTLY like the Newfs!  comes right up to you and if you scratch him anywhere he leans in and waits for more! VERY food oriented too! LOL  dontcha looove those ears?

saul-104 “MMMMM is this dangley thing hanging from yer flashy-lighty thing good? looks tasty-just let me git me a nibble….”

Here’s Lily’s Sandy too:–he’s a nice boy-really patient and sweet–he has a bald spot on his poor nose form a too tight halter in his past…

saul-107 It’s a borrowed saddle but a friend found a (used) really lovely embossed Aussie saddle for us to try on him!!  (think Man From Snowy River with roses and roos on it!!)   I can’t wait until we can see it in person!


He is a nice boy-and I love his fuzzy winter coat…if only his ears weren’t sooo very tiny and unattractive.  8)  See his ear in this one? and the extra white in his eye?  That is his strongest reaction on first unloading and seeing sheep with horns and bells and small boys with loud voices!  That is the back veiw of the spotted asinus in the background too.

We have a new Dandelionender! a couple actually but one is Lily’s so I am not talking about HIM right now…anybody want to guess?

hints you ask? SUUUURE!

  • 2 serious ears
  • 3 colors
  • loooves red licorice and me! (but who doesn’t?)  😆


Over the climbing meadows, Where swallow-shadows float, These are the small gold buttons On earth’s green, windy coat. ~ Frances M. Frost

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