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snow-031 Do you see her??

Not sure what she is..probably a cabbage butterfly or something like that–but I looooves her!  She lives in my window in my kitchen–I think she sips water out of the plant–I know she gets moisture off of the frosty window…see?

cat-017 Times like these I wish I knew what to do with all those other buttons on my camera!–In my head it was such a pretty picture of the yellow butterfly with the sun dazzling through the wings and the frost pattern on the window!

These little butterflies have been gone for 4 monthes but this little sweetheart keeps the promise of warmth alive in my window!  I have found her in other places and carefully relocated her back to her window where she will be safe.  I forget about her for days at a time and then have a little joyful smile when I notice her again.  I was so sad to see her dead the other day when I was dusting…then I saw he again the very next hour!! All along I had TWO!!

Just in case you think I am totally mad-let me set your minds at ease–come summer I will again be putting dust on my cabbages to keep them away (in HADES where all cabbage worms belong BWAAA HA HA HA HA)–but for now…she is a promise of beauty and warmth to come–and, unlike the young she will never bear, the adults of this insect don’t eat MY hard work!



Yeppers! not one but TWO-really cool bloggers have granted me this honor!  abroadermark and patch-o-dirt farm!

Now hold on a sec while I see if I can pull-off the ol’ copy/paste magic!

KAY—the pic didn’t work-and the help button seems to be down–I’ll check ‘er out later–the TEXT I can do!

“These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award.”

Ain’t it SWEET??? It has a purdy pitcher too….once I figure it out 😉 kinda Valentiney lookin!

(BTW-“later” as pertainin to graphis upload time-line means next time the boys are all asleep simultaniously-so don’t be holdin’ yer breath or nuthin’!)

Now the fun part–I choose:



Hidden Haven Homestead–check the BABY GOATS MAN!!!

Amazing Graze Farm–I am cheif lurker/shop drooler here–AND I JUST WON A CONTEST TOO!!!!  TOOOOOOT TOOOOOT!! Thank you STAR!!

mommymommyland modern-day pioneers–with REAL lives-still clinging to the romance of the land!

notsoSAHM almost left her out-she has so many of these–AND she has great hair-how much does one woman need anyhoo??

I had a hard time here because I got the award from two people I would have sent it to-and they really deserve it!  AND they gave it to several on my list-plus I read some “no tags please” blogs–I hope one of the ones above is not one I forgot-if so please forgive and ignore K?  I wonder if this means I should be expanding my horizons?-maybe start reading some yawn-fest techie blogs so I can move a bloomin pic now and again? hmmm?

OH–I also read some blogs that I never comment on because they have sooo many comments already–you know -pioneer woman, chocolatechic,et al!!




cat-010 can you tell he is on a shelf of my antique etegier? Where a lovely vase full of pheasant tail feathers should be reflecting in the mirrored backdrop? What happened to the feathers?….

cat-074 Buttermilk LIKES feathers!–I think he moves them like this one at a time!  Then he plays with others with them..



cat-083 oh yeah–feathers are IT baby!  Leaving my poor etegier looking like this:

cat-069 oh-the cool ball thinger? that was shredded between this pic and posting–didn’t seem funny enough to snap a foto of the thousands of styrofoam bits that,when seperated, look amazingly like cigarette butts.  nice huh?

Buttermilk does not discriminate in his vase plundering either!  Check the beautiful art-glass vase on my dresser:

cat-090 of course he is willing to share as always:


cat-049 I WUUUUF YOOU!

cat-014 mmmmm milk…fresh-squeezed? don’t mind if I do!

cat-015 What? now this WHOLE jar has to go to the cats? well shoot! I only took a sip!  I guess if you really want me too I could be enticed to finish it off.  WHAT? on the floor? in my bowl!? well! I never!

one last one–I could go on and on!

cat-093 don’t recognize that gross thing he has?  It’s the bag of stone-thingers that increases the biomass space in my fish-tank filter-giving more space for bacteria to grow and a better biological filter.  These things are like gold when they are gross like that-a healthy tank nearly takes care of itself once this baby is in place and not allowed to GET DRY!! AARRG!!–he had to jump ON TP OF the aquarium to open the filter and pull this lovely out!–the plastic back part of the lid went IN!–3 times he did this-the fourth was today while we slept and the dog shredded my poor biomax filter bag!

As an aside on another topic:  no comments on my header? do ya know what it is that the snow has transformed into a wedding-cake- beautiful objet de’ art??

I have just learned that notsosahm is ALSO dropping that fickle mistress Coca-Cola!  That makes THREE of us-all serious about gaining control over our own desires while still really wanting to maybe keep our Coke “in moderation” AS IF!  Her hold is too strong…we must break it off completely!  notsosahm joins me and Old Woman of  abroadermark.  This was not a jump and copy quest -we all decided on our own–ABM posted first and I hopped in with my private decision since her make it public choice made so much sense (and it makes it harder to go back)-notso mentioned in my comments that she is doing the same and has been–she still eats out on occasion with that icy cold siren but she is strnger than I am.  😆 Just a recap-abroadermark posted FIRST-I commented and joined her.  Notso came out of the closet (to talk not get a Coke!)in my comments last night.  So now I am posting openly and publicy–I HAVE THE STRENGTH  OF NUMBERS BEHIND ME!! (yes!-3 is a LOT of numbers on this blog 😀  )

My main reason to drp her is the hold she has on me. It is unhealthy yes–that’s not really enough.  The fact that I NEED a Coke is my problem.  It is an inordinate affection-maybe even something of an idol.  Definately and indication of gluttony (BLEH-who wants to admit to that!)

Practicality-wise I used Excedrine for the headaches (it has a little hit of caffienne to help) and am working really hard on NOT substituting another bad habit for the one I am losing–sweet tea a couple of times and no soda at all–of course it also opens up a whole world of restraunts to me now (I would not eat out a second time someplace that had Pepsi instead-or I would go trough TWO drive-throughs so I could have it ALL)–and YES I would drive out of my way to get to the place with the yummiest fountain Coke and crushed ice on my “way home”.  I am also drinking oolong tea (unsweetened)-it is supposed to help regulate blood sugar–I do a sort of mornng-sickness feeling thing that COke puts right immediatly-I figure if I can regulate that-then my “need” will be decreased.

unforeseen benefit???  My love sat down with a calculator and some info (how many fountain Cokes a week from here? how many when you buy gas? how many 24 pacs from the store? how many after church on the way home? etc ect”  He took a modestly large number (the amount of a nice quilter’s special sewing machine -not too many bells and whistles but some of the best ones-waaay nicer than my plain-jane machine) he divided that into the total and VIOLA!!! it worked out to one year!!! in a years time I will have saved enough money from not buying any Coke to get my machine!!  Now when I have a craving-I do some more research on sewing machines!  I am leaning toward Babylock right now but…I still have 11 1/2 months to go so I have time 😆  anyone with recommendations?-features that I want to be SURE and have?  I know I want needle up/down and drop-in bobbin and a good needle threader. Maybe a special scant 1/4 seam setting would be cool too.  I want to do more than quilt so it can’t be sooo specialised it is useless when I want me a curtain or a new skirt!  I can’t even drop the feed-dogs on my current machine-so many techniques I want to play with are impossible on my machine-it even flakes out on the blind-hem stitch-NO idea why-won’t hold tension wen the dial is in that position-I use my daughters’ machine for hemming!

abroadermark has a waay cool counter foer time off the Coke and some YUMMY pics of drippy cold cans of Coke too–the counter is Java so wordpress won’t support it-and the pretty pics just make me sad/mad/THIRSTY!!

sorry to those looking for more kid/animal pics-I have a bunch on the camera-I’ll get them up soon!–NOW is when you can tell me how much you will encourage me and that I can do it….

Guess where I just got back from?? YUP!  With my baby Anner!  He is such a little mimic lately–which we all know leads only to trouble right?

The big kids were eating/talking about trying Wasabi peas.  (these are dried peas with dried japanese horseradish on them-crunchy like peanuts-spicy hot though) Ours were rediscovered at the back of the cupboard and Laurel insisted they were bland now-lost their heat–the boys were still too disbelieving to actually ingest one–so they were SMELLING them.  You see where poor d-mom is going dontcha??

So exactly an hour after the the the ummm….inspiration? I am in the emergency room listening to those first inane questions-“Are you sure it was a pea?”  “Are you sure it is still in there?” “YEP! there it is!” They tried the little suction deal and a trick where Mom blows air like a CPR puff into his mouth in the hopes of dislodging it.  All that did was get boogers on Mom’s cheek.  They put in some nose drops to shrink the passage and then went in with a tiny hook while I pinned my baby down and he screamed “MOMMY” over and over and over.  He got it out-in FIVE pieces.

Thank you very much Dr guy with no name tag–you ARE the GUY!

Did I mention that I did not even do what I would have done last week/month/year/lifetime to sooth my nerves/reward myself/feel better? I did not stop  for a Coke on the way home.  YAY me!–I’m not even going to pretend that the neg 3 degrees outside was a factor-I could have gone to a drive-through and stayed cozy in the vehicle with my very happy boy!  I am having a nice glass of water now instead–OK-and a spoon of cookie dough–just one and yu would hate me if I was tooo perfect-just keeping friends here-this dough is for YOU!

The very next person who comments on my blog will be commentor number 601!!

How cool is that?

I wonder who it will be?  hhmmm?


Over the climbing meadows, Where swallow-shadows float, These are the small gold buttons On earth’s green, windy coat. ~ Frances M. Frost

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