yesterday πŸ˜€

I was having my very last, most precious baby boy, Anner-Bo!!Β  I am finding, however, that this story is a bit too raw to write.Β  There is a lot of pain and a lot of joy and a lot of well…emotion.Β  I want to revel in God’s provision for us in allowing a healthy baby boy and allowing me to remain here to be his Mama–not really ready to open it all up to show everyone the scars just yet.Β  Can I just say Almighty GOD”S fingerprints are all over the story you don’t get to read?? K?Β  I’ll show you pics too!



I put his presents out on my bed with the paper to wrap them, turned around for the tape and when I turned back around THIS is what I saw…



I think he liked em…I,of course, took them away s I could wrap them–he cried.Β  When we gave him the presents he pushed them back at me and said “open it-CARS!”




Just looking at that sweet mug moves me to tears!Β  I am SOO blessed!