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Yep! another one!  I want to back up a tad on this one though…

We discovered this gift of a pregnancy very shortly after a really hard, painful miscarriage…a story in which I lean heavily on God and the gifts he has given me here (my husband and church family)–I also squeezed the children I had a LOT LOT LOT…anyhoo…at the same point in the pregnancy as before I had a lot of heavy bleeding exactly like before…(OK–I KNOW TMI!!-I’m done with any graphic details now  😀   )  anyhow–I argued with the Doctor!  He found a heartbeat–I did not believe it (you know how they pick up your own heartbeat?)  I spent the next months with the same symptoms, going back and forth to the doctor.  I needed a LOT of iron supplements!  With so many weird symptoms going on I IGNORED contractions in the night…I thought it was more of the same…(you know how you are so tired you forget and fall asleep right after?) 2:00 AM it hit me that they were 5 min apart!! by 2:30 I had used all the tricks in my bag to get through them!  YIKES!

At the hospital it took 30 more minutes for Leighton to arrive.  He was born in sort of a fast emergency way since for safety’s sake he should have been a C-sec-there was just no time.  Being 4 weeks early he was small enough that there were no problems.  He was my tinyest baby by far at 5 lb 5 oz.  Asside from a little time with a billy blankie for jaundice he was right as rain!  I can still hear his tiny little kitten cry!

So that’s how God blessed us with our Leighton Joy!!  He is named for my Dad-JOY is a long-standing family name-Dad’s middle name, HIS dad’s middle name and HIS Dad’s first name and HIS Grandfather’s first name-and so it goes!  The first part of Leighton is from my middle name which is Leigh-which is just cute spelling of Dad’s first name Lee (OK-he was Leland-but if Mom could stretch it that far why can’t I go a bit farther huh?) and yes Leighton means something about feild by the keeping with all the other names being flowers/trees/created things.  He really is a JOY you know! I love my Leighton Joy!

pics coming later-I want to give him his present first!!



This is the photo I used on all the for sale posters  I hung around town!  The little black girl (Garage) is already gone.  Two of these tabbies have BIG vibrant markings-almost like hyroglyphics-the third is thin and perfect stripes-lots and lots of them.  grey-leg tabby cat is a hunter extraordinaire-black and white kitty (coconut)is soft and sweet and plays with sheathed claws–ALL are VERY socialized (read beanbag cats)–We are selling them for $10.–but they are FREE with any comment left here  😀  –sorry BB–I can’t ship though 😉

FYI Moms–a bit of advice–think twice before allowing toddlers to name anything!!

EDITED TO ADD:  only Walker and the one I don’t really want to sell are left!

Yep!-That’s me–strive for mediocrity!

Actually Laurel took the camera out in the fresh snow-fall the other morning and got a VERY cool shot of sun-dogs at sunrise!!  My loving hubby TOOK it for his header!  So unless I want to copy him… I am left with showing you these…

sun-005 They look like they’re having some sort of beauty treatment don’t they?  Still…snow on cows not as cool as the sun-dogs!

sun-004 MOOO?

sun-009 Daddy got home from a looong weeks work (yes on Thurs he had 48 hours in) from a derailment—the boys were thrilled that he could read to them…riveting stuff no?

OK—MAYBE the last one tops sun-dogs-in my heart at least….

You guys tired of these yet??


This is the Monkey Wrench block…I needed to make 8!  But they were really fun-the first ones had a great scrappy look to them-then I tried a variation by rearranging the colors a bit and adding more of my background color and I got this effect:


COOL HUH?? All twirly!  Darci showed us this change in class and it was a must do!!  I think I am going to like my no-2-blocks-alike feedsack/30’s reproduction quilt!!

I am officially caught up-both with my blocks AND my updates here! (until the December block rears it’s pretty little blocky head that is!


The Dresdan Plate!!

kinda fussy and futzy–glad I only had to make 2  😆

Here’s what I have been working on  as time permits…you know..waiting for kids in the library or snatching a moment while the young ones sleep or play in the snow….

first my knitting progress…my first lesson went well..I made a scarf from my homespun yarn-didn’t care for it since my yarn got uneven and the scarf looked it!!  So I bought yarn and started THE SHEEP SHAWL!! (fanfare please…)


Yes-still pretty small!–the pattern now is the sunshine lace at the very top-top center photo is the back of the neck part.  This is really fine Merino yarn on delicate-feeling lace needles–I feel so very feminine when I am knitting with them (don’t hate me because I am a delicate flower that knits lace in the evenings in front of a roaring fire while sipping  tea from Royal Dalton china cups while wearing reproduction Jane Austin attire and speaking Latin to train the ear of my young charges…..)

Allrighty then…back to reality, jeans, sweatshirt and my “standby” (read: when the lace has a problem I need help with but I want to keep knitting SOMETHING) projects!


The top one has PEARLS in it–first time on them..the bottom is fun and fast and all knit–it’d be even faster w/o the “help” from the little grinner there! But oh so much less interesting!

On my wheel I just finished doing some pencil roving in the colrway “cactus blossom”  I like it alot-the color is actually more muted than my flash gives the impression of (or an english correct version of the same statement)


now…what to DO with it….

I have some SOOOOFT Merino roving awaiting me in these colors (only done a touch of each-i want to get more consistant so I can USE the stuff!)


again…they are more muted and deeper in tone.. garnet is roving from The Copper Moose-I used it for my “scarf” and the other one is called Riverstone-  this little skein was one of my first–you can TELL!!


The Irish Chain Block!!

2 variations -I am nothing if not variable.  Please ignore the pink flamingo fork that I thought would be far enough away to be out of the shot but was too lazy to bend over and move when I discovered it was in–it’s there for PERSPECTIVE! yeah-I am nothing if not perspectivable.

yesterday 😀

I was having my very last, most precious baby boy, Anner-Bo!!  I am finding, however, that this story is a bit too raw to write.  There is a lot of pain and a lot of joy and a lot of well…emotion.  I want to revel in God’s provision for us in allowing a healthy baby boy and allowing me to remain here to be his Mama–not really ready to open it all up to show everyone the scars just yet.  Can I just say Almighty GOD”S fingerprints are all over the story you don’t get to read?? K?  I’ll show you pics too!



I put his presents out on my bed with the paper to wrap them, turned around for the tape and when I turned back around THIS is what I saw…



I think he liked em…I,of course, took them away s I could wrap them–he cried.  When we gave him the presents he pushed them back at me and said “open it-CARS!”




Just looking at that sweet mug moves me to tears!  I am SOO blessed!

I have beeen very antisocial and ignored  2 tags and 3 awards because life was happening…so when Nadja tagged me with such an easy one (AND said sorry  🙂  ) I figured I better start playing nice again!

Here are the rules copied and pasted from the Patch O Dirt itself:  Pass this on to 5 blogging friends. Open the closest book to you, not your favorite or most intellectual book, but the book closest to you at the moment, to page 56. Write the 5th sentence, as well as two to five sentences following that.

I’ll skip all the xcuses and reasons why I don’t have Homer beside my PC since I figure you’ve heard ’em all.  I also need to note that MOST of the books close by me are board books and if they had 6 pages the poor kid would have to work out before he could read them! Here it is for what it’s worth–boring to you all no doubt!!

MAking Glass BEads by CIndy Jenkins!  pg 56:  Keep a cup of cool water handy and dip the hot end of the rake in the water to chill it after each use.  Try raking dots by making a single or double row of dots around the equator of your bead, then raking down through the center row to produce a leafy or heart-shaped effect.  (this is MUCH better with the pictures  😆  )

Now let me see… (evil laugh…”who to tag my pretties..”)

1. abroadermark (I KNOW Nadja tageed her too-but she’s got a bunch of books around there and I know she’s got my back!)

2.Beyond Bluestockings –and to really make it hard for her I will tag her sweet daughter so she can’t hee hee

3. Irish Chicklet I want the closest book of YOURS girly-not your mums!

4. notsoSAHM–hey! what else you got to to do?

5. Charity I bet it’s very deep and meaningful-either that or a crochet pattern  😀

6. OOO! and MONICA!! I don’t think she’s been tagged yet-you’ll get a kick out of it girl!

THANKS Nadja! This was so much easier than actually writing a post!  I have a milking update in the works and a crazy/scary piece about DOing Christmas and exchanging gifts etc.-very controversial!-brewing in the ol grey cells….Plus there is some lace growing on the knitting needles and some “cactus blossom” roving turning into yarn and THREE feedsack friends updates!!!  You are JOY to this ol’ procrastinator! 😉


Over the climbing meadows, Where swallow-shadows float, These are the small gold buttons On earth’s green, windy coat. ~ Frances M. Frost

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