Since my cyber-twin is having an identity crisis of her own I have taken it upon myslef to solve it for her  🙂

You see…people think she is mysterious…she sees herself as a lay-it-all-out-there kind of gal. And cannot understand why they see her as a mystery woman.

I think I have the answer…Old Woman is DEEEP.  Most people are NOT–when they meet someone and even get to know them a bit they really think that what they see is a slightly cleaned-up version of what they get…we tend to translate how we are onto other people.

When they meet our dear Old Woman-they see a fun,witty,gal who is very social and can make people feel at ease quickly-a good listener who really cares about what they have to say.  They usually stop looking there…They see what they like best in another person (a fun audience/foil/backdrop for themselves)–In a sense they look at the Birkenstocks but fail to notice the red tonails staring them in the face! (now THERE”S an image for ya!)

So…when “all of a sudden” they notice her depth (deep convictions and a firmly held spirituality) they are surprised-they may even think she was hiding it from them.  Kind of like coming back to the classroom from IQ tests to learn that the class clown has  a genius IQ.  The pre-concieved notions are shattered.  A mystery?…well…easier to say mystery than “hhmmm I never looked close enough because I assumed there was nothing there to see.”

I think her very next post wondering why she attracts such needy people as friends sort of proves my point.  Here’s a short example from my own life to illustrate further…I was once in a dorm-room with a group of girls talking about friendship–SEVERAL of them admitted that they like to have an “ugly or fat” girl with them for fun at the mall etc-they have someone to give them the feedback they like but no competition.  Old Woman and her friends are much more mature than THAT-but some of them are doing the intellectual version of it.  THIS particualr fat/pale/ackward college girl DID change her friend choices after that evening too–6 months later I also added the girl who used me for my car to the list.

Those of you intentionally misreading this just STOP…the only flaw I am actually ascribing to Old Woman (although if you read not carefully enough it looks like many  😀  )  is a naivete’  when choosing assumption that they all intend to give as much to a friendship as she does…because she also sees others as very like herself.   She sees people as more than they may seem at first because she is…many see her as how she appears at first and nothing more because that is how they are.

I think most people will see her as mysterious because there is always another layer to discover.  Really-I bet she even surprises herself sometimes  😀

There you have it-a mystery-wrapped in an unspellable thing-wrapped in a blanket-cause it’s cold out! HA!

How close am I OW??