For starters..I was living in eastern Montana (flat kinda scrubby land with rugged good-looks—not the verdant,rampant,voluptuous earth of dandelionend)  Our town was 83 miles from the city with the hospital.  I was ready for my third V_BAC and the doctor was willing to let me try except for the distance.  A possible rupture needs to be in surgery in less than 10 minutes for a 50% survival rate.  HE could NOT induce labor since that increases the risk of rupture–so we would be driving over deep cuts and canyons andthrough completely EMPTY territory with no help available.  OH–and in winter.  YEAH__we opted for the scheduled section 🙂  The words he used were “I am willing to sweat blood if you are really set on it.”

Picture the day now OK…early AM–Dandeliondad had to scoop an EIGHT foot drift from in front of the garage door!!  It was really blowing a big storm!  We actually had to call the sherriff for permission to leave town!! (they close the gates and fine you big when the weather is bad-since people have to risk their lives to save the dummies who think they can make it through)  Because of the wind direction and the way we were driving it wasn’t tooo bad-the snow blew across instead of filling up the road–only the “cuts” through rock on both sides filled up kind of deep–we used a borrowed 4 wheel drive truck and had no real problems.  The three oldest stayed in town with friends.

Then the section-Dr listening to some big game or nother and telling me he was going to sing if baby was a girl.. (our girl name was LylaRose–which as an aside Daddy tells me the night before maybe sounded too much like a riverboat….never did have another girl so this discussion never went beyond here 😀 )  Funny-man Dr said something like “let go of the cord and come out of there baby” and then it was a boy!  They let me recover in the operating room and a pediatrician stayed in there with the baby so I could hold him and nurse him right after–the Dr got on a plane for his vacation or something immediate!ly.

I came home on Thanksgiving day–with sweet little 7 pound baby Leif Christian.  A TON of long dark hair!  Leifer turned out to have central hypotonia (low muscle-tone) it affected his ability to eat enough so we switched him to a bottle and then special nipples-2 years of physical/occupational therepy and he is right as rain.  That little synopsis kind of brushes over the months of not knowing and the testing and the stick-thin gaunt-faced baby who cried so much out of hunger and gives you not nearly enough of a sense of our gratitude to GOD for his graciousness to us in giving and giving safely and allowing us to care for such a boy!

How about some picks of our only dark-haired Dandelionender?




Wanna know what I like best about a 2000 baby??? Never hafving to stop and think about exactly how old he is-it is the year we are in 😀  We love our LEif–he also looks the most like Daddy of all of them-the eyes are identical–you all can see why I melted so many years ago when eyes like that pulled up in a swanky Pinto Wagon cantcha??

NExt and probably longest installment in this series coming Dec 4th…’ll be a dramatic one!