Oh no!!  Does that title imply that I have become one of “those” bloggers who constantly give away great stuff to get hits??  I like to think I am above buying readers…then again since the prize was a PENCIL maybe I am OK–or is it that you all are so cheaply bought??  😆

anyhoo…our cows have names and for all of you anxiously checking my blog to see how the voting goes…(and from my STATS that would be NONE) but I digress and humor myself with my own importance…

Big Boss mama cow will henceforth be known as….drumroll…. TALULLAH or TallulahBell, Lulabell, geteroffamyfoot,etall.

LittleBoss baby cow will claim the moniker of Meadow Muffin, or Muffin, Muffy,getchernoseoutaTHEREalready,etc.

Pencils will go to…abroadermark (old woman) and Patchodirtfarm (Nadja)–as well as Beyond Bluestockings for the popular favorite Patience (which just turned out to not want to come off the tongue in a freezing corral 😀  )

Thanks to all for the great submissions and for playing along and voting!  Will the winners please e-mail their snail-mail addresses and I will get some fun pencils in the mail!! OH! e-mail me at: dandelionmom (followedbythefirstletterofthealphabetwithalittlecirclethingyaroundit) dandelionend(dot)com

I am just SOOO tricky in avoiding spammers aye??

wanna see the prize??

new post coming about my sudden identity crisis!!! (as time allows so dont be holdin yer breath er nuthin 😀