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We may or may not actually USE the winning names–all of the go-together names don’t work because we know someone with one of them etc–so don’t try to match up a pair of names (we will probably sell the calf at some point anyway)–just pick 2 nice names-scroll down and look at the pics again.  Vote for 2 if it let’s you 😀  otherwise vote twice!–HEY! vote as often as you like and write in any new ones you want to as well.   Maybe we’ll give a prize to the most popular name as well as the name we pick.  Wish I could come up with a Dandelioncow kind of name!!

HURRY guys!  These gals are gonna start thinking they ARE the Boss–oooo Springstein!–KIDDING!! 😆

EDITED TO ADD:  Any new name additons please put in the comments-I can’t find where the other shows up!!