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Since my cyber-twin is having an identity crisis of her own I have taken it upon myslef to solve it for her  🙂

You see…people think she is mysterious…she sees herself as a lay-it-all-out-there kind of gal. And cannot understand why they see her as a mystery woman.

I think I have the answer…Old Woman is DEEEP.  Most people are NOT–when they meet someone and even get to know them a bit they really think that what they see is a slightly cleaned-up version of what they get…we tend to translate how we are onto other people.

When they meet our dear Old Woman-they see a fun,witty,gal who is very social and can make people feel at ease quickly-a good listener who really cares about what they have to say.  They usually stop looking there…They see what they like best in another person (a fun audience/foil/backdrop for themselves)–In a sense they look at the Birkenstocks but fail to notice the red tonails staring them in the face! (now THERE”S an image for ya!)

So…when “all of a sudden” they notice her depth (deep convictions and a firmly held spirituality) they are surprised-they may even think she was hiding it from them.  Kind of like coming back to the classroom from IQ tests to learn that the class clown has  a genius IQ.  The pre-concieved notions are shattered.  A mystery?…well…easier to say mystery than “hhmmm I never looked close enough because I assumed there was nothing there to see.”

I think her very next post wondering why she attracts such needy people as friends sort of proves my point.  Here’s a short example from my own life to illustrate further…I was once in a dorm-room with a group of girls talking about friendship–SEVERAL of them admitted that they like to have an “ugly or fat” girl with them for fun at the mall etc-they have someone to give them the feedback they like but no competition.  Old Woman and her friends are much more mature than THAT-but some of them are doing the intellectual version of it.  THIS particualr fat/pale/ackward college girl DID change her friend choices after that evening too–6 months later I also added the girl who used me for my car to the list.

Those of you intentionally misreading this just STOP…the only flaw I am actually ascribing to Old Woman (although if you read not carefully enough it looks like many  😀  )  is a naivete’  when choosing assumption that they all intend to give as much to a friendship as she does…because she also sees others as very like herself.   She sees people as more than they may seem at first because she is…many see her as how she appears at first and nothing more because that is how they are.

I think most people will see her as mysterious because there is always another layer to discover.  Really-I bet she even surprises herself sometimes  😀

There you have it-a mystery-wrapped in an unspellable thing-wrapped in a blanket-cause it’s cold out! HA!

How close am I OW??


For starters..I was living in eastern Montana (flat kinda scrubby land with rugged good-looks—not the verdant,rampant,voluptuous earth of dandelionend)  Our town was 83 miles from the city with the hospital.  I was ready for my third V_BAC and the doctor was willing to let me try except for the distance.  A possible rupture needs to be in surgery in less than 10 minutes for a 50% survival rate.  HE could NOT induce labor since that increases the risk of rupture–so we would be driving over deep cuts and canyons andthrough completely EMPTY territory with no help available.  OH–and in winter.  YEAH__we opted for the scheduled section 🙂  The words he used were “I am willing to sweat blood if you are really set on it.”

Picture the day now OK…early AM–Dandeliondad had to scoop an EIGHT foot drift from in front of the garage door!!  It was really blowing a big storm!  We actually had to call the sherriff for permission to leave town!! (they close the gates and fine you big when the weather is bad-since people have to risk their lives to save the dummies who think they can make it through)  Because of the wind direction and the way we were driving it wasn’t tooo bad-the snow blew across instead of filling up the road–only the “cuts” through rock on both sides filled up kind of deep–we used a borrowed 4 wheel drive truck and had no real problems.  The three oldest stayed in town with friends.

Then the section-Dr listening to some big game or nother and telling me he was going to sing if baby was a girl.. (our girl name was LylaRose–which as an aside Daddy tells me the night before maybe sounded too much like a riverboat….never did have another girl so this discussion never went beyond here 😀 )  Funny-man Dr said something like “let go of the cord and come out of there baby” and then it was a boy!  They let me recover in the operating room and a pediatrician stayed in there with the baby so I could hold him and nurse him right after–the Dr got on a plane for his vacation or something immediate!ly.

I came home on Thanksgiving day–with sweet little 7 pound baby Leif Christian.  A TON of long dark hair!  Leifer turned out to have central hypotonia (low muscle-tone) it affected his ability to eat enough so we switched him to a bottle and then special nipples-2 years of physical/occupational therepy and he is right as rain.  That little synopsis kind of brushes over the months of not knowing and the testing and the stick-thin gaunt-faced baby who cried so much out of hunger and gives you not nearly enough of a sense of our gratitude to GOD for his graciousness to us in giving and giving safely and allowing us to care for such a boy!

How about some picks of our only dark-haired Dandelionender?




Wanna know what I like best about a 2000 baby??? Never hafving to stop and think about exactly how old he is-it is the year we are in 😀  We love our LEif–he also looks the most like Daddy of all of them-the eyes are identical–you all can see why I melted so many years ago when eyes like that pulled up in a swanky Pinto Wagon cantcha??

NExt and probably longest installment in this series coming Dec 4th…’ll be a dramatic one!

Something is…all weirded out in my pc or somewhere…I cannot use the open id button to comment on your blogs (and OH HAVE I TRIED!)  It tells me I must first log in to wordpress..but I already AM..I tried it with wordpress open in another window even….arg!  you guys have some great stuff out there and I SOOO want to play!!  I bet somebody messed with a setting someplace to make it “safer” BAH!

OK–so here’s the deal… I was innocently googling my name the other day when… (COME ON–You know you do it too!!)  when…it’s just SOOO hard to say…

OK–see I ALWAYS find 2-3 pages of entries from my own blog and an occasional odd entry from some Canadian chick with a wheat-free eating blog.  I don’t really count her since she is kind of on the fringe and it’s such a tight specialized area and she is, after all, in CANADA. LOL–anyway-on google when you type in dandelionmom I DOMINATED baby!  I was IT!  I AM dandelionmom.  Wheat-free girl only proved that point by how few her entries were.  I also find LOTS of entries where I have commented on other great blogs–they say things like “dandelionmom was effervescent in her quip to abroadermark on ..” you get the idea.

SO—there’s a new girl on the block!  She took my name-she spells it the same but she caps the first D and the first M-like this DandelionMom.  As an aside here I DO think my way is SOOO much more modest and understated dontchathink??  😕   She has fully HALF if not MORE of the google entries!! (I wasn’t seeing too straight to do an accurate count-plus where does ACCURACY get you when you have a good rant coming on anyway?!?

Turns out she WRITES (ooooh lala! big writer girl) and she HOMESCHOOLS (so impressive-big whoop!)  She has a BOATLOAD of articles on EHOW that earn her money…earn her money-for being dandelionmom…WHA???

A newbie dandelionmom is doing better at it than I the original–AND making money at it too!!  where does that leave me? who am I?

did I mention she has WAAAY better hair?  YUP–and about 18 articles on Ehow I could read to have great hair too-only if I read them–then SHE makes money with MY name!!  My wonderful, prideful, creative, totally ME, perfect beyond belief, introduce myself to strangers as IT rather than my boring everyday one NAME!

I have no idea what action to take…is there EVEN an action?  I’ll just have to “make room” (as she pushes me over) for another dandelionmom on the block.  My biggest problem with this? SHe’s probably really nice!–we KNOW she’s creative and unique already 😉  she’s just doing ME better than I do—SIGH.

All I have done so far is to register on Ehow and write two articles… How to write a thank you card AND How to get your Mom’s attention (toddler veiw)–On Ehow I am dandelionmomof8.  That’ll show me!

Oh no!!  Does that title imply that I have become one of “those” bloggers who constantly give away great stuff to get hits??  I like to think I am above buying readers…then again since the prize was a PENCIL maybe I am OK–or is it that you all are so cheaply bought??  😆

anyhoo…our cows have names and for all of you anxiously checking my blog to see how the voting goes…(and from my STATS that would be NONE) but I digress and humor myself with my own importance…

Big Boss mama cow will henceforth be known as….drumroll…. TALULLAH or TallulahBell, Lulabell, geteroffamyfoot,etall.

LittleBoss baby cow will claim the moniker of Meadow Muffin, or Muffin, Muffy,getchernoseoutaTHEREalready,etc.

Pencils will go to…abroadermark (old woman) and Patchodirtfarm (Nadja)–as well as Beyond Bluestockings for the popular favorite Patience (which just turned out to not want to come off the tongue in a freezing corral 😀  )

Thanks to all for the great submissions and for playing along and voting!  Will the winners please e-mail their snail-mail addresses and I will get some fun pencils in the mail!! OH! e-mail me at: dandelionmom (followedbythefirstletterofthealphabetwithalittlecirclethingyaroundit) dandelionend(dot)com

I am just SOOO tricky in avoiding spammers aye??

wanna see the prize??

new post coming about my sudden identity crisis!!! (as time allows so dont be holdin yer breath er nuthin 😀

We may or may not actually USE the winning names–all of the go-together names don’t work because we know someone with one of them etc–so don’t try to match up a pair of names (we will probably sell the calf at some point anyway)–just pick 2 nice names-scroll down and look at the pics again.  Vote for 2 if it let’s you 😀  otherwise vote twice!–HEY! vote as often as you like and write in any new ones you want to as well.   Maybe we’ll give a prize to the most popular name as well as the name we pick.  Wish I could come up with a Dandelioncow kind of name!!

HURRY guys!  These gals are gonna start thinking they ARE the Boss–oooo Springstein!–KIDDING!! 😆

EDITED TO ADD:  Any new name additons please put in the comments-I can’t find where the other shows up!!

Here they are!!  I saw this cake recipe and just HAD to try it out!!  After a great deal of research I found a US source of Aussie specialities.  I ordered the neccessary Cherry Ripes and “while I was at it” I fortified our dwindling supply of Vegemite–and threw in some Tim Tams at the end  😆  I only need a couple of bars for said cake…I am also going to see what good ol’ mid-western enginewitee can do about recreating such a heavenly-sounding treat–here in my own kitchen!!  Details to follow friends–even if this cake is so sweet my teeth hurt for a week-even if the bars don’t live up to their wonderful hype–if nothing else my money is well-spent because this experiment adventure will provide some fodder for the ol’ blog!!

I can’t WAIT to try this–read the comments if you get a chance-these ladies sound as if they are speaking in hushed tones in the presence of the grestness of this cake!

Those of you who have so little to do that you follow this blog know of our loooong journey to get pure, unadulterated, straight-from-the-source MILK!!  So for the edification of BOTH of you… I present the new arrival at our farm-straight from the hand of providence!

She came through word from a friend of a friend..extra cows that needed a home..,a pro milker..ready for her second calf.  We went. We looked-she is SMALL (at least 2 ft at the hip shorter than her compatriots)they put her in a stanchion for us-we touched her and pushed her around and “bumped” her calf–she STOOD-rock solid and complacent.  We bought her!  On the spot-they delivered that afternoon!!  A cow about to be in milk of our very very own! From a local source!  NOTE:  It really took the painstaking research and looong drives to aquire both Penny and Dolly AND the results of living with Diva-cow Penny and the DRAMA of her ummm… fertility struggle…and the DRAMA of her refusal to bond with any member of our household unless we had an ample supply of tasty commestibles!  Where was that sentence going?–oh yeah…It took the frustrating journey to bring us to the mindset that personality is the key in a cow-end. of.story…so what if Holsteins are “freak of nature cows”  this gal let my littlest guys try to get milk out while she stood in the corral!  So what if I never but never wanted a Holstein?  I heart my sweet freak of nature!  😉  WAIT!  I’ll share the love… just lookie what she had waiting for us when we got home from church!

freak of nature–needs help calving because they are so big–not good mamas—BAH!  A beautiful calf-shiny white and clean as a Sunday morning–all while we were out!!

AAAAND the calf is a little heifer (girl) to boot!!

tickled PINK we are!!!

We are letting baby have the first couple days and then we will see if we can get mama in a stanchion (they gave us a free one with the cow!) and if she will put up with our fumbling, drooling, avaricious attempts to rob her baby’s milk supply!

NOW friends…can you help us with names??  we want sweet,dainty names-maybe victorianish-NOT cliche -Peaches is a maybe but I feel we can do better–We like Button or Buttons too.  I need help–and FAST–“c’mon Boss” is getting really old for me!  I want serious creativity and I am DRY friends!  Buttercream, Blossom, Petunia,and Buttercup have all been ruled out–Bessy and Bossy and other cliche cow names need not apply 😉  I even tried out E.I. (for Ebony and Ivory-the OOOLD Lionel Richie song!! LOL–tooo many explanations needed to say the least!) 😆

Tell ya what–I just ordered some awesome COOL Smencils (scented pencils made from recycled newspaper–very hard not to BITE them they smell so good!!)  Let’s have a contest aye??  IF (and only if) we actually use your name or a derivitive thereof-I will mail you your choice of scents from our small stash of unused Smencils.  Nearly all of my commenters have kids-the rest know how to write so these should be fun for ALL!!  C’mon friends! share my joy and share your bizarre but easy to say names for the 2 newest Dandelionenders!!  (I have No problem mailing overseas so gimmee yer BEST–hhhmmm–Gimmee em ALL!! )

AAAWWW Lookie there! my boys are doin’ sum farmin’!!  They have the manure spreader all hooked up and ready to go…what’s that you got in there boys?

What ARE those small, round, white things anyway?  They are about the right size to spread aren’t they?  How’d you find SO MANY??  WAIT A MINUTE!!…

MY PEARLS??!??   sigh…. such is my life–a never-ending supply of hugs and hand-picked Dannyfowlers in exchange for the use of the odd costume jewelry here or there.  Works for me!


Over the climbing meadows, Where swallow-shadows float, These are the small gold buttons On earth’s green, windy coat. ~ Frances M. Frost

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