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This happens nightly! SAME kitty every time–and the fish are just as interested as he is  EVERY time!!  😆


Lily put the KEY-YOOOTEST sweater on Anner-Bo today and I felt the need to take some pics!!

I know!! ….my baby is a big boy now!!! Want a closer look?  Course ya do!

What can I SAY?? I gotta stop and SQUEEEEEEEZE him (yet again 😀  )

Wanna see him with my NEW baby?? huh huh??

The newbie Dandelionender is a 10 week-old Newf!!  He is 29 lbs and a fuzzy fuzzy bear–scuse me while I squeeeze!! His name is Mr. Bultitude (nod to Clive Staples once again) we are calling him Little Bear–cause he IS!!

Wanna know what Anner did when I squeeled about how cute he is?? HE CHECKED!

YEP he did!! and YEP he IS!!  Here’s another shot of the Newfie for you too…

I had to plop him on the table to get him to hold still long enough! (lots of fuzzy black blur shots on the camera  😀  ) The only other option is lying prone with a tongue draped on the carpet-THAT pose comes with grizzley-sized snores!

I loooove babies!!

Buttermilk looks like he BELONGS in the kitchen.

So THAT’S what happens when you close the dishwasher door! Who’da thunk it? 😕

Here are the Sebastopols in all their glory–just for YOU BB!!  They may look like ladies in wedding dresses but they SOUND like Julia Child-DRUNK!

LAWNMOWERS!!!–AKA Jacob sheep (remember Jacob got the speckled sheep from Laben’s flocks??)–we have 2 with 4 horns,one with 3 and one with 2.  Their names?? I am SOO glad you asked!  The 3 ewes are… Bathsheepa, Shaherezade, and HatSHEEPsut.  The bell-wether? Reuben!  Do you like em Old Womanmommymommyland has some too! (she researched hers-I just found a deal and wanted sheep of a good fibre sort–some day I will grow up to be like her!)

He thinks he’s really something else–BIG story behind this guy-got away into the acres and acres of 8 ft high corn for 10 loooong days-“neighbors” (2 miles up and 1 over) found him and had their collie catcher him up–they thought he was “one ugly-lookin goat” 😆  I am still amazed he survived coyote-fest out there!

The lawnmowing thing isn’t working yet either-need to retrain them to electric-even though I have exactly what she was using!!  I have high hopes for the fleeces too because…..ready??? wait for it…. I CAN SPIN!!! (yippee yahoo hooray!!!)  After monthes of making fluffy roving into dredlocks for sheep in radiation treatment-I finally took a class from a PRO (Donna at Donna’s Delights Montevideo MN-link to follow if she’s got one!)  She had me making yarn in no time flat!!  She also said my wheel is “sweeet”.  Dandelionmom LIKES Donna!  Next she will teach me to knit from my very own yarn–sooo cool! –DISCLAIMER:  I only said yarn-not lovely uniform yarn–but I can see the light of understanding-practise is all it takes-and my nubby stuff is kinda cool in its own right!  I have a stash of different kinds of roving etc to play with and it does feel like play!  Thanks again to my sweet man for the birthday present to end all birthday presents! (and NOW it’s MORE than a pretty decoration in the corner!)  NOW…come spring we will sheer them and I will need to throw away at least Reubens very burry fleece but hopefully get some from the gals…THEN they get coats to protect it for next year!!

Runner ducks on patrol… LEFT LEFT LEFT,right,LEFT

How ’bout it Nadja? Ready for some BODASCIOUS BOVINES?

Did you get my best side?

More importantly…did you bring a carrot? an apple? NOTHIN?

WELL!!! I NEVER!!  hhmmmph! snort!

well hello DOLLY!!

Lookin’ SWELL Dolly!

My lovely-perfectly researched dual-purpose IDEAL homestead cows for milk? not. so. much!! Penny is still NOT pregnant-Dolly is a WAYS away from even trying…no calf…no milk…no cream…no butter…no cheese…no ice cream…no…….. nice pasture ornaments though..dontcha think??  🙄

frizzle chicken!

SIX new arrivals yesterday!  Mama Ollie is doing well… we are spoiling her as much as possible-this is her second litter this year–PLUS she raised Mama’s orphans for her.  First pick of these or our bigger boys goes to Chessie when she is ready for another companion.  What will they choose for a name I wonder?? Parcheesy? Mancala? oooooo!!!! CLUE!  I would LOVE to have an extra Clue around the house!! There are 2 pitch black ones, 3 tabbies (2 exceptionally prettily marked and 2 with white markings as well-like Ollie)and one black and white one with a badger face.  🙂  Is it just me or has my sweet Ollie been consorting with the enemy??? OUR Toms are ALL orange! ahem…her love of “bad boys” is only going to lead to trouble–but what’s a mom to do??–I already took away her cell phone and internet privledges.  😆

See ya’ll next month!! (sooner actually–I have a feedsack friends update almost ready-and yarn pics too!!)

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Yeah-I DID hug ’em a LOT!–then tickles and slippy jammie feet skating on the kitchen floor 😆

An aside:  query:  should it mean something that my “home/school life” and my “blog life” productivity levels seem to be in direct disproportionment to each other?  Or that I just made up a word and don’t even care to look up the appropriate one ’cause YOUALL can read my mind and know exactly what I am trying to say??

farm pics when the sun comes out someday!–lawnmowers for ABM to see AND rumpled geese for BB–Maybe Dexters for POD too.  😀  I miss you guys!

Come in…internet…do you read me?…  really busy here-running around like gas was .30/gallon  😀  once things settle a bit I’ll be back on-line Good Buddies!  Try not to forget me in the meantime! 10-4?  I’ll post some pictures of our new lawnmowers too-they are faster than a Smokey on the way to the donut shop.  over and OUT!


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