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DUUUUUDE!!!!   check it OUT!….

one cool; CHILLIN’ chair-hoggin’ feline?   CHECK!

one tongue-lollupin’; hollyhock diggin’;dust-rollin’ hound?  CHECK!


Is it just me or….does it look like Palin is now running for president against Obama??  Every place I look Palin is compared to Obama–both sides of the issue.  Did I miss something?  Wasn’t there a different guy running for president with Palin as his VICE pres??  You know…??? What’s his name?  Haven’t heard it much lately.

FYI–the RNC website has a ticker of the time lapsed since Biden’s latest “gaffe”!–it was on 22 hours last I checked! LOL!

The autograph block!  This was our last block by mail–this month we start going to the shop again.  The white spaces are for friends to sign.  We needed 4.  They went together pretty fast and easy-all straight lines and not too many peices per block either.  I took the opportunity to show off my bathroom floor while I was at it!  GROOOOVY huh?  It is the IN thing-very modern and classy–if you happen to be living in the late 60’s/early 70’s!  To my thinking it is SO dated that it is cool again!–reTRO BABY!

Do you have a little one continuously drawn to your keyboard??  Tired of typing half an e-mail only to discover that the caps lock was on making you look enraged?  I have a solution for you!  First-take your old keyboard (you know the one-the backspace key was so sticky you had to buy a new one or never correct a mistake again?-THAT’S the one)  Dig through your sticker stash and go nuts!!

Cute huh? they love it!  I had little eyes and wiskers on the mouse too (apparently keybards and mice mate for life-the new keyboard would NOT work with the old mouse and we had to get another, racier, mouse for him (she’s red and…wait for it… wireless!–VERY daring dontchathink?) ) anyway-the old mouse has wiskers and little beady eyes now-but it ran away –they were playing with a kitten with it ironically!  Now little guys can type away without cramping my style!  8)

BONUS:  a fall favorite of mine to share–Teddy Bear Sunflowers!

YEAH! I did have to work at it to cram the poor thing into my flower aquarium but the WOW effect was worth it–I have to WORK to leave some out there to go to seed!  I love htose fluffy cheery faces–hhhmmm…they are kind of dandelionish on a grand scale now that I think about it! 8)

At sme point I will come up with something to write! Ya’ll been studyin’ yer DandelionEnd Primers??  there MAY be a quiz coming soon!  😯

It only goes downhill from here! 😆


Over the climbing meadows, Where swallow-shadows float, These are the small gold buttons On earth’s green, windy coat. ~ Frances M. Frost

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