over my house-FUN for the boys! not-so-much for Laurel who had to cover very unhappy bees with wet sheets to keep them out of the pesticide-AND rewet the sheets constantly for 4 days! (spraying for soybean aphids)


our birthday gift to “the twins” (at the half-way mark between the days)  OURS seats seven and no honeybees died in the fly-bys! It also does the amazing trick of turning into a commercial jetliner, a WWII fighter plane, the Wright brothers plane, a stunt biplane and the Spruce Goose!


cuteness personified-nuff said

CANNING: update–22 quarts of peaches, 2 pints peach jam, 8 quarts of peas in the freezer AAAAAAND:  ready?…….16 half-gallon jars of green beans!  The story?  Our beans had about 2 jars worth on them but some extreeeemly generous souls offered us a picking from their HONKIN nice patch! (I dropped off the girls to do the work as I was up to my elbows in peach-pits at the time!)–LOTS and LOTS of niiiiice green beans!  A funny?  With my over-the-stove microwave-my pressure canner won’t fit on the stove-top!  I used the BBQ grill!! It worked great!  I was on my last canner full when I realized that the grill has a side-burner that would probably heat the thing faster than the burners so far under the grates! (I was thinking on-the grates because I have been planning to try my big Amish canner there soon)  I DO need to point out that everyone else also failed to notice the obvious–feels better being clueless if I have company!

Do you remember even a shade of the joy there was looking at your OWN very very chocolate with lots of frosting birthday cake?  The way you could barely keep from trembling in anticipation? The way that cake fulfilled your every hearts desire? (lots of army vehicles and everything  😀 )  Add in that you could share that with a brother-you are BOTH thrilled!  I want little-boy birthday JOY when i contemplate my Saviour–especially when I see HIM from a place of difficulty for me.  I want to be stopped in my tracks daily with a little thrill down my spin upon remembrance of Him.  I want to be able to share that joy with my brothers(sisters) and have it deepened and enhanced by sharing theirs.  There is so much MORE of my wonderful Lord-He is always satisfying and there is aways an infinite amount left to be enjoyed. Deeper, richer, higher, JOY!  Praise HIM!  My plan for this? More WORD, more poetry-a lot more seeing HIM everywhere–you know? hhhmmm…..more vocab too-so I can express things like I usetacould!