WELL…..It would indeed be my birthday too-if we were biological twins!  😆  Since we are that much rarer breed of twin-the CYBER_TWIN our dates are a bit off 😉

Ya’ll know who I’m a talkin’ too?  It’s abroadermark AKA Old Woman (as in-in a shoe).

It’s the 4th anniversary of her …ahem  d-hth birthday to be specific!  Let’s all show some b-day love and hop over and leave a comment on whatever witty thing thang she happens to have to say today (by today I mean 8-2-08–not right now since Ima goin ta bed afo midnight!)

This is the woman who was first (OK-ONLY) volunteer in my “down with wheelies” brigade-the gal who loves her birkenstocks was willing to support a pal in a wacky crusade (that would have WORKED I tell ya!)  She mothers, she chaufers, she teaches, she sings, she cooks, she cleans, she laughs, she cries, she shares, she empathises, she talks, she listens, she prays, she LOVES.  She is open, transparent, sympathetic, passionate,steadfast, welcoming.  She desires her God-and everything HE plans for her.  To embrace hardship and be grateful for it and where it brings her is a gift she can teach us all.  She steps out of personal pain and helps others’ with their burdens.

It is physically impossible to have a short conversation with her!  She is hilarious AND she can spell! 😯

Plus-she’s pretty cool!

Let’s pop over to the ol’ blog and do a little Happy-Birthday dance!!  (ya think she made us a cake??)