I only decided to do one other change besides the ones I mentioned earlier-so it will be easier to follow and DO-after those new habits happen THEN we can make more-plus I can use this time to evaluate current things we lIke and how they can be changed. So I am switching to Celtic Sea Salt–THE BOOK tells how “normal” salt is made and “enriched”-lets just say GAG-O-RAMA-so I found some naturally high in iodine REAL salt to use. I am also deleting MSG-where I can obviously see it that is..sometimes they just call it “flavouring” and sometimes they add things that turn other things into MSG when heated or combined–and I ain’t no chemist! SO…the bad news? One of our very favorite seasoning salts has lots of MSG!! We all love this and I put it on everything from mac-n-cheese to deviled eggs to a salad! Popcorn will never be the same-or french fried potatos or sliced tomatos or or or or … It adds tons of yumminess w/o the general accompanyments to formerly mentioned yumolisheshness (i.e. tons of fat or calories) My former attitude was..”what’s a little MSG between friends?” THEN I read what it does inside of some people–and figured out I AM ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE!! I can even name resteraunts that use it because I always get sick after eating there! (to varying degrees)–I’ve never connected any symptoms to the salt though. BTW I really like their motto-“because everything should taste like bacon” how true is THAT?! 😀 cry with me friends… 😥