SUBTITLE: Wherein head knowledge collides with deep affection

OR :How to scare your kids silly by reading a book.

SIGH…Day one without Coke…This book is really awesome and full of real sense nutrition-wise-instead of the pop-sound-byte-paid-for-by-food-companies stuff we hear in the news. It is very much time we got more healthy here at DandelionEnd.

I chose to begin simply with healthier fat choices-natural ones like real butter-easy!

The hard part is that I was hit right where I LIVE! Getting rid of soft drinks and flavoured sugary drinks like Kool-aid is my first change-it’s a major one and very hard (esp for the 32 oz cup at the convienience store habit Mom). The way I use Coke to even out blood sugar dips and peaks instead of food and as a quick pick-up when I am low on sleep is a long-time habit and deeply grained–It is bad for us on every level-but it tastes soooo gooood! Maybe I’ll do a countdown (or up) or something like that here to keep motivated.

As a reward for my difficult decision I am treating myself to some well-deserved kitchen experimentation! “THE BOOK” talks a LOT about isolated societies that are long-lived-they all eat or drink some sort of fermented food or drink daily (like yoghurt or Kefir or sour kraut or kim chee) As the garden produces I will try some of the recipes for various naturally pickled vegetables (read FUN FUN FUN) and try to include them as sort of a counter balance to the foods I serve that have not been attacked as ruthlessly as my beloved Coke! ANNND… (drumroll please).. I have a thinger coming in the mail to use to try to make Kombucha!! The “thing” that comes in the mail is a SCOBY (or it’s called a mushroom or “the mother”)-a symbiotic collection of bacteria and yeast that brews sweet tea into a really healthy drink with many benefits! I can’t wait to blog when my scoby arrives! I have already made some whey to use in sour kraut and other naturally pickled concoctions like dill green beans-so I will post on those things too–they fit right in with my ultimate goal of feeding our family from our own land –reading about how best to do that is really a natural (if painful) progression in my journey becoming a better wife and mother and all-round Proverbs 31derful person!!