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Three years ago today I checked into the hospital to have sweet baby number 7!  It was ON the due date and really a pretty boring story since he was a planned C-section (the reasons of said section you can learn when I get to THOSE stories 🙂 )  We went to our small local hospital and checked in with nurses who know my name.  It was pretty much straight into surgery-he hit the spinal spot on the second try.  I asked for no extra nausea meds so I could be aware of my baby.  I also remembered that I always get such a dry mouth -I brought a thick shiny gooey lip gloss INTO surgery with me and the anest…gist handed it to me when I wanted it again.  Very strong mint flavour and smell-which I still associate with his birth! (that and the sound of some sort of electric scalpel thing that cauterizes as it cuts? _I made power-tool jokes!)  He was a healthy little guy-named Logan Heathe–I was up and about shortly after-not a lot of pain since previous sections had deadened a lot of those nerve ending s already 😀   This birthday happened less than 11 monthes after his brother came in much the same way.  Within a month of this birth we bought a filthy house and began Dandelionend at the acreage now affectionately known as “the yucky house”.  A move while still unable to lift heavy things was hard–new baby kicked in my mothering instincts and I cleaned like a maniac!  Such a sweet snuggly little guy-just an ounce shy of 8 lbs-dark hair and a choke-hold on mama’s heart.  I could stare at him late at night and break out in tears of gratitude.  GOD is so good!

I'm gettin' CLEAN'D UP!

I'm gettin' CLEAN'D UP!


Getcherself a hitchpacker! (see the platform that fits in the hitch-receiver?–I have a big-ol’ tote that I strap on there when I shop with all the kids-since the little extra rumble seat fills the cargo area!  I think they are cuuute sitting on there!–hhhmmm…that might be a good spot for the “pesterers” to ride..hhmmm 👿


Captain! Captain!!! The SCOBY! she’s DOWN Cap’n!— AYE! Thet she is Lad. Thet she is!  Time will only tell what this means fer our mission!

A very creepy,slightly gelatinous entity arrived in our mailbox today! Time to try Kombucha!!

Can you kinda see the 2 baby mushrooms and the pouch of Konbucha to feed them? (they look like circular patties) (smells like vinegar)

Now-I will spare you the (literally) THIRTY-SIX!! photos Miss papparatzi took of the process!!  We could do a whole layout on the “clean jars and utensils thouroughly” part alone–I’ll jest lecha use yer magination!

Brew the “special” tea:

It’s just organic black tea-brewed 12 mn.

add 1 cup sugar (how I ended up with 7 shots of the same cup of sugar is beyond me!)

This is my FAV! see how it cascades like a sweet sweet pouring fountain of crystaline  deliciousness?

Let it cool to room temp and get ready to (DUM DUM DUUUUUM…..) Touch the SCOBY!!!

Here they are in their new home-the backup (secondary)  SCOBY will live in my fridge in case I kill the Primary SCOBY.  Sorta like Mr. Cheney–except for the fridge and me killing the primary part I mean.

Feels kinds like a chicken breast-just slip er in there-they said it will float or sink–mine floated!

Then-just cover with a cloth and leave it someplace warm for a week.  Then you should have another baby SCOBY on top and the tea will have become Kombucha! (ignore the coffee pot in the background-healthy people who drink such things as Kombucha NEVER give in to the temptation of a nice cold sweet iced coffee on a hot day-it’s ummm there fer looks-yeah that’s it!)

NOW–what to do while I wait…I guess I have myself a nice cold glass of NOT COKE! hmph!

You-know-boring as this is to you-I am planning more updates!! 😀

I only decided to do one other change besides the ones I mentioned earlier-so it will be easier to follow and DO-after those new habits happen THEN we can make more-plus I can use this time to evaluate current things we lIke and how they can be changed. So I am switching to Celtic Sea Salt–THE BOOK tells how “normal” salt is made and “enriched”-lets just say GAG-O-RAMA-so I found some naturally high in iodine REAL salt to use. I am also deleting MSG-where I can obviously see it that is..sometimes they just call it “flavouring” and sometimes they add things that turn other things into MSG when heated or combined–and I ain’t no chemist! SO…the bad news? One of our very favorite seasoning salts has lots of MSG!! We all love this and I put it on everything from mac-n-cheese to deviled eggs to a salad! Popcorn will never be the same-or french fried potatos or sliced tomatos or or or or … It adds tons of yumminess w/o the general accompanyments to formerly mentioned yumolisheshness (i.e. tons of fat or calories) My former attitude was..”what’s a little MSG between friends?” THEN I read what it does inside of some people–and figured out I AM ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE!! I can even name resteraunts that use it because I always get sick after eating there! (to varying degrees)–I’ve never connected any symptoms to the salt though. BTW I really like their motto-“because everything should taste like bacon” how true is THAT?! 😀 cry with me friends… 😥

SUBTITLE: Wherein head knowledge collides with deep affection

OR :How to scare your kids silly by reading a book.

SIGH…Day one without Coke…This book is really awesome and full of real sense nutrition-wise-instead of the pop-sound-byte-paid-for-by-food-companies stuff we hear in the news. It is very much time we got more healthy here at DandelionEnd.

I chose to begin simply with healthier fat choices-natural ones like real butter-easy!

The hard part is that I was hit right where I LIVE! Getting rid of soft drinks and flavoured sugary drinks like Kool-aid is my first change-it’s a major one and very hard (esp for the 32 oz cup at the convienience store habit Mom). The way I use Coke to even out blood sugar dips and peaks instead of food and as a quick pick-up when I am low on sleep is a long-time habit and deeply grained–It is bad for us on every level-but it tastes soooo gooood! Maybe I’ll do a countdown (or up) or something like that here to keep motivated.

As a reward for my difficult decision I am treating myself to some well-deserved kitchen experimentation! “THE BOOK” talks a LOT about isolated societies that are long-lived-they all eat or drink some sort of fermented food or drink daily (like yoghurt or Kefir or sour kraut or kim chee) As the garden produces I will try some of the recipes for various naturally pickled vegetables (read FUN FUN FUN) and try to include them as sort of a counter balance to the foods I serve that have not been attacked as ruthlessly as my beloved Coke! ANNND… (drumroll please).. I have a thinger coming in the mail to use to try to make Kombucha!! The “thing” that comes in the mail is a SCOBY (or it’s called a mushroom or “the mother”)-a symbiotic collection of bacteria and yeast that brews sweet tea into a really healthy drink with many benefits! I can’t wait to blog when my scoby arrives! I have already made some whey to use in sour kraut and other naturally pickled concoctions like dill green beans-so I will post on those things too–they fit right in with my ultimate goal of feeding our family from our own land –reading about how best to do that is really a natural (if painful) progression in my journey becoming a better wife and mother and all-round Proverbs 31derful person!!

Today I made some Pesto! My pesto is nothing like traditional pesto–I have made the process shorter and cheaper more frugal. It still tastes gooooood and is a perfect way to hold onto some of that super-yummy summertime flavour once the cold winds start blowin agin! (tomarrow or next day 😛 )

Step 1 –cut all the Basil out of your Redneck greenhouse: (note empty spot and other full lush herbs and salad fixins)

The cast of characters:

Here’s where you see my tightwadiness frugality at play! I use sunflower seeds instead of pine nuts–as strong as the basil/garlic flavour is in this you can get away with it–NO PROB BOB! And yes, until my garlic is ready I am using the jar of ready minced stuff-I might store mine that way too-veeery convenient to just spoon out what you want at the moment with no peeling etc. Don’t forget the olive oil-I ALWAYS buy the kind with the extra virgins-NO “experienced” olive oil for MY family!–grab your little grinder deally too-or your big fancy food processor if ya got one–skip the mortar and pestle!

Now watch carefully…

Fill your thinger to the top with slightly packed clean basil leaves-pull of the tough stems unless you want to watch guests picking them out of their teeth (trust me!). Drizzle olive oil on top the way my kids dress a salad (a bit too much to taste good).

Plop in a spoon of garlic or a clove or 2.

Whiz it up!! If it doesn’t move around enough and just sticks to all the sides-throw in another virgin and go at it again.


You should have a LOT less volumn of Basil-add about 1 part of sunflower seeds per 2 parts pulpy Basil–eyeball it! Whix er up again!

Scoop it out and add more oil until it is the consistency you like:

Keep working at this until you have used up all your leaves-if one batch is a bit too nutty-use less on the next one-you will mix them together anyway!

Here’s how I preserve mine:

Freeze in an ice cube tray and then pop ’em into container so you can grab what you need. (these are jalepenos waiting for tomatos and tomatillos so they can become salsa!–the trays work great for that too!)

Now the fun part: USES!

  • Dress hot noodles (duh!)
  • add a layer to your lasagna-it really jazzes up my plain-jane lasagna!
  • MY FAV!!: thin it by stirring in some Balsamic vinegar and drizzle over perfectly ripened fresh tomato slices–droooool!–I could LIVE on that! (oh-salt too!)
  • add a bit more oil and dress a veggie sub that has all the fresh veggies you can find and dilled cream cheese-grill or toast your bread first!
  • You can also throw in some fresh or even frozen peas to “cut” the Basil taste for little palettes–it is yummy!

Now I’m going to make some cilantro cubes!–First I want to show you my only container with outside flowers that has not been eaten by geese or shredded by kittens:

YEP! pretty peppers in a stripey cup! hhhmmm-I’m thinkin next year a LOT more of my ornamentals will be HOT! 😆 (Medusa peppers–I thought the colours were cool for the container!)

To add a bit of depth and thoughtful consideration:

I wish I had been even 1/2 that mature at her age!

I saw this on abroadermark and thought “FUN!” -then I got to the bottom of her list and saw I was most likely to do it too–Does she know me or what?!?

1. Where is your cell phone? uummm..

2. Your significant other? awesome

3. Your hair? short

4. Your mother? creative

5. Your father? long-suffering

6. Your favorite thing? family

7. Your dream last night? nope

8. Your favorite drink? COKE

9. Your dream/goal? Christ-likeness

10. The room you’re in? dusty

11. Your church? fullfilling

12. Your fear? inadequecy

13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? here

14. Where were you last night? bed

15. What you’re not? chemist

16. Muffins? please!

17. One of your wish list items? tomato

18. Where you grew up? college

19. The last thing you did? kiss

20. What are you wearing? jumper

21. Your TV? nonexistant

22. Your pets? many

23. Your computer? on

24. Your life? blessed

25. Your mood? sleepy

26. Missing someone? no

27. Your car? full

28. Something you’re not wearing? sombrero

29. Favorite store? antique

30. Your summer? gone

31. Like (love) someone? miriads

32. Your favorite color? many

33. Last time you laughed? today

34. Last time you cried? may

35. Who will re-post this? YOU!

That was much harder than it looked! I am more of a use 15 words when 1 will do kind of gal! Not enough room to elaborate or be amusing–and I SO like to amuse myself! Thanks for the fun find Old woman!!

I went to this site and copied in the first section of my pig story (before the pics)–it showed a reading level of grade 12.7. Thats 12.7 for a sloppy sentimental piece written completely and deliberately in the passive voice! HA HA!! It checked my writing with sevaeral standard tests and then averaged them. Of course I had a difficult time PRONOUNCING the names of some of those tests… but nonetheless (note big word) think how euridite I would sound of I actually tried!!   😛   😛   😛   8)   If someone could make me stop and look up spellings I would be INVINCIBLE!! BWA HA HA HAAAA   😆  I know you got my back on the spelun thang anyway sybursis!  😉

I cannot decide if this means YOU like to read elementary things or that I write at an elementary level..maybe just that I’m a bad spellur 8)

Maybe I am soooo readable that even a child can understand? It is fun and quirky with a childlike innocence and trusting worldview? Yeah-right–maybe it is childISH and immaterial in the big sceme of things to ask people to read about ceramic pigs and The Bandit car!

soooo tonight as I lay awake pondering my relevance and decidedly UNuriditedness-you can noodle over what it means that you are here reading this!!  😆  /p
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TV Reviews

Submitted for your approval: proof that beauty is born of adversity. This glass was incredibly cheap and used by companies to promote sales of everything from flour to animal feed-even movie theatre attendance! These are my personal collection-the glass came in hundreds of colors and patterns-these are some I think are pretty. Some are inherited and some I have gathered piece by piece from differing places along the years. So cheap when made it was practically disposable-now sought after a great deal. Some patterns have been copied so long that the copies themselves have a high value!

This pattern is called “horseshoe” I have a small set in yellow and in green. The candy dish is the only piece they made in pink. The grill plates (with dividers) in yellow were thought to be lost to the years-the definitive book on depression glass and it’s value said so–until MY DAD found some-he had to show them to the author and the book was changed! I now have 4 of the 6 existing grills AND both versions of the book! 8)

This is Royal Ruby–some of the pieces are in differing patterns-this is a large set of 12–looking at it in the last picture makes me a little embarrassed that I put the coffee cups beside the punch bowl and the punch cups on a different shelf-how uncouth! 😆 This has been copied a lot–the Avon company also made red glassware for a number of years and it gets confused with Royal Ruby. Both are collectible -even the newer Avon copies. Anchor also made beer bottles which I am looking for-one with the label still on-most are peeled and were used as vases and oil cruets etc (it WAS the depression remember!)

NOW my pink! I have 2 sets: pink cherry blossom (which I have given to Lily)

AND…Miss America (which I have given to Laurel)

Since both of these sets came to me by way of different Grandmothers I thought they were perfect to pass down. Cherry blossom came in green as well and the Miss America was made in clear glass as well. It is so fun scouring flea markets and antique stores with my girls and having them notice “their” sets!

Also collectible from that time period is glassware that was sold instead of given away-such as Fostoria, and Elegant. I have some really exquisit sherbet dishes and a relish tray in “Rosepoint” that was my Great-grandmaother’s.

I also sometimes buy things that are pretty and a really great deal-without starting another set 😀

They had some painted things too:

These are called Swanky Swigs-little glasses that cheese spread and jelly etc were sold in. Mine are the children’s designs. They had all sorts.

Last I want to show you is Royal Lace in BLUE. This set was my Dad’s pride and joy (so-to-speak)–My brother Kevin has it–I have the chipped sugar bowl that my Dad kept on his stove with pizza coupons in it 😀 It is a lovely color!

The salt and pepper shakers are Hoosier shakers that Dad used daily as well. See the huge chip? That my friend is the difference between my sugar bowl and my brother’s very expensive one in mint condition with flawless lid.

There you have it…a crash course in what Depression-Era glass looks like. If you decide to start collecting may I suggest one thing? Learn to say “That’s OK-I wasn’t going to take it to heaven with me anyway” before you start. Because accidents DO happen and perspective is EVERYTHING.

That’s my brother, Kevin, on the Hot Rod Magazine Power Tour. It’s a big long drive with a string of car shows at the end of each segment. There were, of course, thousands of participants-plus hundreds more joining the individual shows too. Nice car AYE?? When our Dad passed away last year I took the practical pickup and Haulmark trailer–Kev took the MUSCLE–It’s a 79 Trans Am with the full “Bandit” detailing. It is all still original–not restored mind you-the way it came off the line when Dad bought it! I can still remember him driving to pick me up for a birthday dinner in his bad boy car–when I was at Bible college. I looved it-he wouldn’t peel out for me though (Dad was always more mature than I–although “back in the day…” there are some stoooories!)

NO Dandelionmom is not technically a Gearhead (don’t much care fer grease ya know 😉 )I DO appreciate the styling and the …OK..THE POWER! of classic American muscle! I have my own “classic” (heehee) car too…it’s my Grandpa’s car–a 69 GMC Rambler–not a racecar but there’s more unner thet there hood then a hamster wheel-thets fer sure! Right now the brakes grab (on one side only!) so I get freaked out driving it (when I can keep the cold-blooded beast running that is (she needs some werk she does!)) Maybe when some of the Dandelionboys are older we can take ‘er out to a couple shows and park beside Kev. (who by-the-by has a Camero with so much power that you can WATCH the gas get sucked from the fuel cell! YOWSA AND A HALF!–not road-ready yet or I woulda bugged him till I had me a RIDE! When he bought his current vehicle he asked if I wanted to take that when we went somewhere..umm. yeah..can we take the BIRD!?!

I did also put a very discrete Firebird on the back door of the truck as my nod to the classic it used to sit beside 😀 SO…feedsacks, canning jars, babies, C.S.Lewis, Depression glass, beehives, old tractors and muscle cars…I am a very complex person!

Just fer yer personal info: This knowledge about me should prove to ALL what a special guy Dandelionman IS. When I met him he was driving…you ready?…get THIS…. a faded red with wood trim Pinto wagon!!! as IF!! Never once did I even say “I love you in spite of your car”–I may have if it was foreign though 😉 And it WAS a manual-so he had THAT goin’ for him–I feel SO feminine riding beside a man who can SHIFT! 😆

I finished up my Sams!!! Laurel knows me so well..once she planted the idea of doing 6 she knew I would be unable to resist making it unique to me that way! She was kind enough to cut out and press the extra Sam parts for me. Here’s how they turned out:

Sunbonnet (or do I say Strawhat?) SamX6!!

While weilding my straw needle I was hit with inspiration!! A DANDELION BLOCK!!

This is definately uniquely me! (In my head the one stem curved gracefully to the side-ah well-thats how most of my attempts at gracefulness work out!-also making it like me I guess 😕

I am now up-to-date on my class-until the next envelope arrives at the end of this month-BRING IT ON!!! Now to attack my pile of other projects (SIGH)…

FYI–Mama kitty never came home and poor Ollie at 1 year old is nursing 7 kitties instead of 3-she looks pretty sad-so thin and her furr is even getting sparse–I miss Mama.


Over the climbing meadows, Where swallow-shadows float, These are the small gold buttons On earth’s green, windy coat. ~ Frances M. Frost

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