I have been wanting to share some of the results of my feedsack quilting class! I have wanted to learn some of the more involved quilting techniques for a long time and am really enjoying my class! We are doing a different block/pattern from the 30’s era each month (for the summer we work by mail which is great with the garden etc!) I am using 30’s reproduction fabrics but some of the ladies in the class have authentic feedsacks they are cutting up! (and yes-I am a bit green over them-don’t have the nerve to cut the one feedsack I have though)

so…you wanna see??? huh? huh?

This one is called Grandma’s Garden Path–we used english paper piecing and hand-stitched each little 6-side-a-gone to the others and appliqued it onto the block. My goal is a real 30’s feel so I have NO duplicate fabric pieces on mine-they also did them with paths through the clusters or around them etc etc… It was FUN–not hard at all-but I was intimidated big time!

This is called goose tracks…very hard! There are 3 million Y seams per block (give or take :D) Y seams are HARD-the diamonds have to be just the right angle-there are 2 different ones that look really close-plus the bias nature of diamonds was kind of crazy-making! I actually had fun though-she sold us some special pressing mist that worked magic and even fixed little imperfections! I like it once I got going! She gave us an alternate goose tracks block without Y seams if these did not work out….I tried a few of those too…

I thought I was retarded by the time I got these simple versions done!! See the little triangle “feet”? I could not for the life of me figure it out to get them pointed the right way! The first one was correct on every other one…I was SURE I had the second one right after HOURS on my knees with fabric scraps and muttering—the very LAST one I put together went the wrong way! I told the ladies in class that since they were the only ones who would know it was wrong I would pretend I wanted them that way–a good 30’s housewife would never WASTE a quilt square anyway!

These are “the fan” intimidating a LOT-one of the main reasons I wanted the class-CURVED SEAMS!–very easy actually-they are even put on the blocks with my machine’s blind hem stitch! I could have chosen color combos and made these all day! We have Dresden plates later too (yippee!)

Our first block by mail is the simple 9-patch. I did some both ways. I’m glad it was an easy one since I am still working on the applique from last month! We learned turn-needle applique-and once I had a special “straw needle” in my hand I had a blast! She sent us home to make 2 Sunbonnet Sues and 2 Sams as well (the boy version of Sue). I have my Sues done…

Ain’t she sweet? I didn’t do any extras like brooms or jump-ropes–I love the sweet simplicity of this precious 30’s girl! Currently I am working on Sam….Laurel thinks I should do 6 of them so my quilt reflects my family-I don’t know if I love turn-needle applique THAT much!–There is some tricky iron-work that has to happen and it IS hot out you know!

When we are done we will have cool 30’s sampler quilt-with just a little work each month-the sampler is a queen size and our bed is a king so I am doing extras here and there along the way to expand my quilt AND be able to reject some so-so work! ( I like a safety net!)


This spot beside the back door is where both mama kitties have decided they need to be with all 7 babies. (Ollie is under the big orange baby kitty against the wall (that one is Buttermilk)) Cuteness factor: off the charts!–One concern–mama kitty never came home last night. πŸ˜₯ Ollie is feeding all of them.