We had a small incident involving a plastic motorcycle and a basement window…resulting in this new tenant! I am still trying to decide what it means when you have cats instead of mice in your basement πŸ˜€ He actually tripped that trap twice before we got him! Yes, friends, I did say HE…I have a LOT of basement playroom/mommy-stash-zone cleaning to do! It REEKS down there and I want to put in a root cellar later-can’t even imagine eating food with THAT odour clinging to the skin! After spending a night plucking baby kitties off of my toes I came to the realization that THEY can move outside too! (We tried once with Mama-kitty’s brood but she had all 6 back inside within an hour!–we should have a lot of fun on this one huh?)

I have a couple of other things to show you from my looong post-free gap πŸ˜†

I finished my star afghan! Mostly been working on it on car trips and while waiting for kids at the park etc (when you have a bunch there is ALWAYS someone asleep in the vehicle that should not be left or woke!) It is the softest wool I have ever worked with-and self-striping yarn too-it worked up so quickly!

I found some FUN little ants!

This weed is called Field Horsetail or Poor Man’s Tinkertoy. (Equisetum Arvense)

It is in sections that pull apart and fit back together perfectly.

Is it invasive? YEPPERS! Will I have to nag and fuss and groan and moan to get stubby people to pull it? NOPE! There is a vase full of it somewhere in the house at all times-plus other containers full of blooms with questionable parentage!

Last but not least–my latest garage sale find…

Cool huh? The flowers in the back are chocolate-colored Pelergoniums-they look really spiffy in “real-life”! Laurel thinks we need a container with something tall right behind by the steps to give some background….this may never end!

Wanna see Lily’s flower garden?

She really dug into one of the old flower beds here and cleaned it up nice! She added some annuals and a few perrenials to fill in what is now a shade garden but was planted years ago as a sunny one with peonies and poppies and iris-the crabapple tree in the center changed the sun amount as it grew (funny how that happens huh?)-She is considering transplanting some of the peonies etc to sunnier places in the yard and adding more shade-lovers. For now she removed a tree that had come up in the middle as a weed and let in more sun. It’s a pretty little oasis of peace now. Laurel did a flower garden to view from the kitchen window…I’ll share that one another time!