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I have been wanting to share some of the results of my feedsack quilting class! I have wanted to learn some of the more involved quilting techniques for a long time and am really enjoying my class! We are doing a different block/pattern from the 30’s era each month (for the summer we work by mail which is great with the garden etc!) I am using 30’s reproduction fabrics but some of the ladies in the class have authentic feedsacks they are cutting up! (and yes-I am a bit green over them-don’t have the nerve to cut the one feedsack I have though)

so…you wanna see??? huh? huh?

This one is called Grandma’s Garden Path–we used english paper piecing and hand-stitched each little 6-side-a-gone to the others and appliqued it onto the block. My goal is a real 30’s feel so I have NO duplicate fabric pieces on mine-they also did them with paths through the clusters or around them etc etc… It was FUN–not hard at all-but I was intimidated big time!

This is called goose tracks…very hard! There are 3 million Y seams per block (give or take :D) Y seams are HARD-the diamonds have to be just the right angle-there are 2 different ones that look really close-plus the bias nature of diamonds was kind of crazy-making! I actually had fun though-she sold us some special pressing mist that worked magic and even fixed little imperfections! I like it once I got going! She gave us an alternate goose tracks block without Y seams if these did not work out….I tried a few of those too…

I thought I was retarded by the time I got these simple versions done!! See the little triangle “feet”? I could not for the life of me figure it out to get them pointed the right way! The first one was correct on every other one…I was SURE I had the second one right after HOURS on my knees with fabric scraps and muttering—the very LAST one I put together went the wrong way! I told the ladies in class that since they were the only ones who would know it was wrong I would pretend I wanted them that way–a good 30’s housewife would never WASTE a quilt square anyway!

These are “the fan” intimidating a LOT-one of the main reasons I wanted the class-CURVED SEAMS!–very easy actually-they are even put on the blocks with my machine’s blind hem stitch! I could have chosen color combos and made these all day! We have Dresden plates later too (yippee!)

Our first block by mail is the simple 9-patch. I did some both ways. I’m glad it was an easy one since I am still working on the applique from last month! We learned turn-needle applique-and once I had a special “straw needle” in my hand I had a blast! She sent us home to make 2 Sunbonnet Sues and 2 Sams as well (the boy version of Sue). I have my Sues done…

Ain’t she sweet? I didn’t do any extras like brooms or jump-ropes–I love the sweet simplicity of this precious 30’s girl! Currently I am working on Sam….Laurel thinks I should do 6 of them so my quilt reflects my family-I don’t know if I love turn-needle applique THAT much!–There is some tricky iron-work that has to happen and it IS hot out you know!

When we are done we will have cool 30’s sampler quilt-with just a little work each month-the sampler is a queen size and our bed is a king so I am doing extras here and there along the way to expand my quilt AND be able to reject some so-so work! ( I like a safety net!)


This spot beside the back door is where both mama kitties have decided they need to be with all 7 babies. (Ollie is under the big orange baby kitty against the wall (that one is Buttermilk)) Cuteness factor: off the charts!–One concern–mama kitty never came home last night. 😥 Ollie is feeding all of them.


Now that I know for certain there will be no more little girls born at DandelionEnd…..


  • pigtails
  • pink
  • ruffles,bows,pintucks and assorted sweetnesses
  • teeny earrings
  • dollies
  • students who love to sit still and play school even when done
  • feminine L names (I have 2-3 that I still think of as people waiting to be) 🙂
  • did I say pink?

a quick note–funny how wishes and could-have beens are so much more superficial isn’t it?  Look at the other side of my balance sheet to see what I mean…


  • eager action
  • complete commitment to whatever is at hand-nothing held back!
  • HUGS at light-speed
  • little boy chivalry
  • haircuts!
  • muddy boots and dirty fingernails (makes a mom feel needed)
  • huge grins and gigantic thank-yous for little things
  • “I will marry Mommy”
  • bouquets in sweaty hands-complete with scratched knees from climbing/crawling to get the best “fowlers”
  • a cold can of Coke from the fridge because “Mommy likes Coke”
  • “I bought you this candy Mommy! I will share wif you!”
  • tears, pain, anxiety all cured by my hug and sympathy
  • rapt attention to Bible stories
  • prayers–listen to this one:

Say: Dear Heavenly Father

Dear Heavny Father

Thank you for my mommy and daddy

kankoo for  my mommy an daddy

Thank you for the Bible

kankoo fer Bible


Help me to be good

help Mommy be good….

Do you want to pray for anything else?

help sissy have a good attitude

  • messes-with sheepish grins in the middle of them
  • did I say hugs at warp 9?
  • sleeping  boys with clean faces
  • tractors, Legos, tools
  • unbounded creativity
  • hugs with running starts
  • “Mommy can make it better”
  • forts, mud-pies and running through sheets on the line
  • hours pouring intently over Lego catalogs trying to copy patterns-minutes with the english text torture.
  • the ideal toy? a stick.
  • “look how strong I am!”
  • hugs that come with smashed noses “eskimo kisses”
  • stepping outside and finding a hand in mine no matter when or where
  • duckies in the tub and toads in the pocket
  • I’m wearin’ cowboy boots so I can be…COW!
  • trying to teach them to spit out toothpaste and drink down milk
  • mommy is ALWAYS pretty
  • food on the floor is ICKY?? I LIKE icky! Grandma made pie? ICKY!!
  • never unloading my own groceries or feed bags or mega packs of toilet paper
  • never having to go to the mailbox
  • dinosaur hugs from 4 sides at once
  • denim bibs and red kerchiefs
  • washing popsicle juice out of dimples
  • crying when cutting off first curls
  • checking beds for smuggled kittens etc
  • tractors
  • ” I love yer kind of food mommy”

I could go on for hours!!! Let’s face facts here folks…


When the length of the call is determined by the battery life of a cordless phone! Thanks for the chat old woman! Even several hours of battery life don’t seem to be enough when we have a lifetime to catch up on 😉 I WOULD have gone MUCH further into the night donchano!

We had a small incident involving a plastic motorcycle and a basement window…resulting in this new tenant! I am still trying to decide what it means when you have cats instead of mice in your basement 😀 He actually tripped that trap twice before we got him! Yes, friends, I did say HE…I have a LOT of basement playroom/mommy-stash-zone cleaning to do! It REEKS down there and I want to put in a root cellar later-can’t even imagine eating food with THAT odour clinging to the skin! After spending a night plucking baby kitties off of my toes I came to the realization that THEY can move outside too! (We tried once with Mama-kitty’s brood but she had all 6 back inside within an hour!–we should have a lot of fun on this one huh?)

I have a couple of other things to show you from my looong post-free gap 😆

I finished my star afghan! Mostly been working on it on car trips and while waiting for kids at the park etc (when you have a bunch there is ALWAYS someone asleep in the vehicle that should not be left or woke!) It is the softest wool I have ever worked with-and self-striping yarn too-it worked up so quickly!

I found some FUN little ants!

This weed is called Field Horsetail or Poor Man’s Tinkertoy. (Equisetum Arvense)

It is in sections that pull apart and fit back together perfectly.

Is it invasive? YEPPERS! Will I have to nag and fuss and groan and moan to get stubby people to pull it? NOPE! There is a vase full of it somewhere in the house at all times-plus other containers full of blooms with questionable parentage!

Last but not least–my latest garage sale find…

Cool huh? The flowers in the back are chocolate-colored Pelergoniums-they look really spiffy in “real-life”! Laurel thinks we need a container with something tall right behind by the steps to give some background….this may never end!

Wanna see Lily’s flower garden?

She really dug into one of the old flower beds here and cleaned it up nice! She added some annuals and a few perrenials to fill in what is now a shade garden but was planted years ago as a sunny one with peonies and poppies and iris-the crabapple tree in the center changed the sun amount as it grew (funny how that happens huh?)-She is considering transplanting some of the peonies etc to sunnier places in the yard and adding more shade-lovers. For now she removed a tree that had come up in the middle as a weed and let in more sun. It’s a pretty little oasis of peace now. Laurel did a flower garden to view from the kitchen window…I’ll share that one another time!

Once upon a time there was a twirpy little girl with dirty fingernails, freckles, orange hair and a stuffed elephant named Peanuts.  She had a Grandma that cooked on a big stove with 2 ovens.  Later she would experience the hardships that would stretch her into Dandelionmom but lets not get ahead of ourselves shall we?  For now, life is so idyllic that she has few memories of it. Laying in damp grass watching the changing patterns of sunlight filter through oak leaves; squishing barefoot through mud puddles; catching lightening bugs and pulling off their lights and sticking them to her ring finger and calling them DIAMONDS and watching Grandma cook while sipping apple juice from a skinny pink tupperware cup. (yeah she was long-winded and lacked the ability to end a sentence in it’s own time instead of slowly strangling every bit of life out of it, making it gasp for its last breath without a single jot of punctuation in site-but hey-she was cute)

Where were we?-Oh yes!-Grandma’s stove!  She had in her kitchen 3 of the most amazing things any little girl could love (besides the lavender gingham kitten that somehow flew behind that stove)–they were pigs–glorious white pigs wearing red skirts with polka dots all over them!  One of these bright, fanciful gals was a cookie jar–nothing bad ever happened when that ladies head was off!! The other 2 were salt and pepper shakers-they lived on the back part of the stove that sticks up against the wall–even over the years and years you can still hear that hard lump of salt clatter around inside that  ceramic piggie as Grandma shakes it over a pan of something sizzely.  The polka dots on these pigs were sort of recessed a bit-just the absolute perfect size for a little girl to fit her finger into their cool divets-the red one fits a thumb-the blue is perfect for a pointer-finger-and the green is not quite right for any so you need to keep trying each (while you talk to them).  If a little girl is very good and very quiet and washes her hands nicely, then she can quietly hold one of these little pigs while Grandma is busy.  The little girl with mud between her toes loooves those pigs and holds her breath when she asks to hold them, because sometimes Grandma says no. She is careful to always choose the pig she did not hold the last time (only one at a time you know) so the other one won’t feel left out.  After she carefully hands the treasure back to Grandma-then Grandma reaches into the big piggie and brings out a dutch windmill cookie for the little girl to have with her apple juice.

Lets fast forward now shall we-past the stretching time when the pigs were put away, the little girl moved in with that Grandma who stopped filling a cookie jar or buying apple juice.  One day, after she married, Grandma came to visit and brought former-little-girl the salt and pepper shakers and they shared a long talk and a lot of memories.  The 2 little pig ladies became her very own and have been on or above her stove in many different kitchens.  They are still bright-some would say gaudy-the glaze was hastily applied on an assembly line and the years and lack of sophistication tax them greatly.  Her fingers still fit in the polka-dots-although different ones now–salt piggie still has a rattle.  Gradually that girl grew into Dandelionmom and learned to appreciate old things and memories more each year.

The cookie jar? Lost.

About 10 years ago, Dandelionmom began doing a polka-dot pig search on e-bay every-other time she went looking for something else.  Turns out-Mrs Polka Dot Pig is American Bisque and very valuable-who knew?  Over the years she was outbid on many many personifications of that happy time. UNTIL LAST WEEK!! (yep-she finally got tto the point!!)  Coming to her from New Jersey-(far far away from Waterloo (John Deere country)IA where she first met and loved this pig) via a tall man  wearing short brown pants–is a twin to the long-lost 3rd pig!!  Her kitchen is complete!!

A warm-fuzzy memory embodied in somewhat cheesy ceramic.  Can’t wait to tell Gram!


Over the climbing meadows, Where swallow-shadows float, These are the small gold buttons On earth’s green, windy coat. ~ Frances M. Frost

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